Casrest Kids Electric Toothbrush Review: Brushing with music is happier, and brushing with ratings is more positive

Text/Chen Li

My son is almost 8 years old this year, but he has been a headache when it comes to personal hygiene habits.

For example, washing the face and bathing has become a basic habit of nature, although there is occasional resistance but basically cooperative, but when it comes to brushing teeth, more than 90% are resistance, repulsion or dodge.

Looking back on the “battle of wits and courage” with my son in brushing his teeth in recent years, it can be described as painstaking.

Before the age of three, in order to make our son accept and like “brushing his teeth”, we have done a lot of exploration and experimentation in toothbrush styling and toothpaste flavor.

Toothbrushes: We went through the experience of choosing a special toothbrush that your baby likes, from the common cute animal motifs to his favorite animated or cartoon-shaped toothbrushes.

Toothpaste: From strawberry-flavored toothpaste to watermelon-flavored toothpaste.

However, every time he always “fished for three days and dried the net for two days”, and after basically three days, he changed back to the same old way.

After the age of four, in order to allow him to take the initiative to brush his teeth, the family changed children’s electric toothbrushes, from Oral-B to Philips children’s toothbrushes, and also changed many brands.

Most of the time, the first day the son felt fun, although the teeth of the shock were uncomfortable, but also played with the brush, the second day began to resist again, unwilling to brush, unwilling to use an electric toothbrush, just say the toothache of the brush.

Finally, after alternating electric and ordinary toothbrushes, I finally returned to ordinary toothbrushes to brush my teeth, and then the habit of brushing my teeth has not been developed.

On March 4, 2020, Crest released its first children’s smart electric toothbrush, the Crest S7000K, using an “online” press conference.

This smart sonic electric toothbrush is jointly created by Crest and Oclean (Shenzhen Genting Information Technology Co., Ltd.), mainly for children aged 3-12, with “intelligence + music + rating” and other characteristics, so that children can brush their teeth can also get 100 points.

In view of the fact that my son is not very good at brushing his teeth, the electric toothbrush has a good brushing effect, so he let his son try the new children’s intelligent sonic electric toothbrush (Crest S7000K) launched by Crest.

Feature 1: Compared with Philips children’s toothbrushes, Crest children’s smart electric toothbrushes are more “kawaii”

The body design of the Crest S7000K adopts the cartoon pattern of the little cute rabbit, equipped with two bodies: blue and pink. Smart and cute.

Compared to Philips children’s toothbrushes, the body is more colorful and more suitable for children’s tastes.

The fully curved compact body and brush head are more ergonomic for children, making it more comfortable and flexible to hold. The IPX7 waterproof body is very safe to use.

Feature 2: Provide hundreds of selected nursery rhymes, children’s music brushing the whole process, making brushing teeth more interesting

The Crest S7000K is equipped with three brush heads, which is full of local luxury. Change the brush head once in two or three months, so you don’t have to worry about matching the brush head.

Compared with some other children’s smart electric toothbrushes, the biggest feature of Crest S7000K is that various nursery rhymes are automatically played during brushing, which can effectively transfer children’s “discomfort” or psychological “fear” caused by the vibration of electric toothbrushes.

Feature 3: Every time you brush your teeth, there is a smart APP score, making brushing your teeth a game

Crest S7000K has a built-in smart chip that calculates the effective brushing effect, detects 1,500 brushing postures per minute through the built-in nine-axis gyroscope, and the built-in pressure detection can know the child’s brushing strength, and finally the toothbrush will score the child according to the score.

For example, his son brushed his teeth on the first day and scored 76 points, so he threatened to brush 100 points tomorrow.

The next morning, his son Xingchong continued to brush his teeth with the Crest S7000K with a rating of 79 points, although he had not yet scored 100 points, which was 3 points higher than yesterday.

Not only did he get the game out of it, but it also led him to focus on how to brush his teeth correctly to get a higher rating.

Feature 4: Parents use intelligent analysis reports to help children develop better brushing habits

Parents can view the analysis report of the 76 points of brushing their teeth through the APP. That area is exerted too hard, which area is too light, or not brushed, can be seen in the APP. So that parents can more clearly guide their children to brush their teeth effectively.

The APP also accurately displays the length of time the brush head is used and the number of days the brush head is used. Remind parents to replace the brush head. This brush head is equipped with soft-bristled bristles. Different age groups, automatic adaptation of strength. There are three brushing solutions: gentle, standard and powerful.

This function is very suitable for children during tooth change, and it is recommended that it can be adjusted to a gentle brushing scheme during tooth change. If your child is brushing too hard, it will automatically reduce the frequency of work to protect your child from excessive brushing. The child will never cry out for pain again when brushing his teeth.

If you want to give Crest S7000K some advice, then you hope to add voice interaction, such as brushing the teeth is not good, brushing teeth will automatically remind the child to brush their teeth is not in place, which is better.