This is the coat that 60+ women should have to wear, not old or tender, mothers can wear it

As I get older, I understand more and more the importance of dressing, the joy that radiates from within, the charm of life after carefully dressing up, and the indifference that has been carefully placed in inner secrets that have been hidden for many years. The biggest charm of dressing up is that we each have the right to pursue beauty and become beautiful, so that we are more confident and enthusiastic about life.

Back to business, the theme of this issue is coat wearing. Autumn and winter is the home of the coat, the woman in the coat is intellectual, full of wisdom and aesthetics, which can easily draw an elegant stroke for the life of a chicken feather, and can add an extra woman’s heart, whether it is a thin or slightly fat body, can be properly placed under it. Before fully grasping its characteristics, we may wish to take a look at the demonstration of fashion bloggers, and the content brought to you in this issue is about the 60+ women’s wearing points for coats, let’s take a look together:

Camel coat

, Women who pursue simple temperament are of course one piece per hand. The warm camel color gives a sense of security in winter, the simple dropped shoulder style has no shortage of casual taste, and the narrow notch lapel is perfect for small women.

For camel coats, the choice of white underwear is very awe-inspiring, while the whole body white is clean and pure, which highlights the charm of the camel coat. Coupled with pearl earrings and caps, it looks like a modern girl from a famous family. For women trying coats for the first time, try the classic camel coat.

Black coat

Because of its high tolerance of body shape, it is loved by slightly fat women, and under the black coat, many shortcomings of body shape can be hidden. But it should be noted that black is not a panacea.

For small women, do not wear black long coats, it is easy to look short, you can understand by looking at the left body of Miki’s mother. It can be seen that when wearing a black coat, you must find a way to reduce it, such as the length of the ankle, the use of white clothing, etc. can reduce the dullness of black.

Off-white cropped coat

Compared to a white coat, it is more everyday and easy to control. If you are not tall, then choosing a cropped coat is a good fit. The length of the cropped coat is just below the hips, which can cover the flesh without looking dragging, and the collar shape of the lapel is also visually spirited.

In terms of matching, the off-white coat is paired with khaki pipe pants, the simple white shirt and the layering of the woolen suit vest, plus the combination of silk scarves, round earrings and hats, it looks full of vitality and can easily complete the age reduction.


Gray coat

, like a camel coat, it only needs to be matched with simple white to show good temperament and taste. For coats, if you are not very tall, but also want to wear a sassy feeling, then choose the length above and below the knees.

When wearing, pay attention to the fact that open wear and tie up are two styles, open is more casual, tied more elegant. If you are casual, then it is more appropriate to choose a cap, berets, and if you want to be more elegant, then a flat hat or fisherman’s hat will complement the temperament.

If you are hovering between light gray and dark gray, then you can set according to the style, if you are more light mature and age-reducing light gray will be more suitable, if you are calm temperament then you can better control dark gray.

Unlike the classic camel coat,

Khaki coat

The color is lighter, then the same, in the color matching can be richer.

If you are slightly chubby, then the coat is layered with a black turtleneck and a dark green shirt, a pair of khaki wide-leg pants, plus a black bag, black Chelsea boots and black berets, this simple combination is very suitable, not to look bloated, but also to make the dress look plain, there is a low-key fashion.


Dark coat

When wearing, pay attention to wearing a sense of neatness, such as the suit coat on the left with a shoulder line, which is very suitable for girls with small and round shoulders, and will be more formal in wear, the home is still the design of the lace, the overall is relatively clean.

The right shoulder-dropped loose dark coat will be a little loose in collocation, because the coat itself is looser, and the choice of the same loose flower bud wide-leg pants is slightly less neat, even if you choose wide-leg pants, it is more recommended to choose a neat model without decoration at the waist.

Light-colored coat

, there are relatively few restrictions on collocation. For middle-aged women, when wearing light-colored coats, what should be paid attention to is that the color of the inner layer should be as simple as possible, and the overall look will not be obtrusive.

One-piece coat or cape coat

It is the choice of many middle-aged women, this type of style style characteristics are very obvious, wearing the upper body is very gentle and intellectual. This style of clothing is also extremely tolerant of the body shape, and the style with a tight top and a wide bottom is neither dragging nor bloated, even slightly fat women can easily control it.

In terms of matching, it is enough to choose a long knitted skirt and a fisherman’s hat, which is simply very elegant.

Leather coat

。 For the colder north, it is necessary to choose a leather coat, which is both warm and temperamental. For leather coats, it is recommended to choose light colors such as camel Oh, because the plush feeling is easy to appear heavy, if you choose a dark color, it will look too dull, and the light color will be better.

Then you should also pay attention when dressing, if you want to increase its sense of sharpness, you can start from the waist line, because once you have a waist line, the whole is much cleaner.

Then if you choose a dark coat, you should also pay attention to using some bright clothing to brighten it up. For example, this one, black leather coat with black turtleneck, then layered in the middle of a yellow checked shirt, can not only enrich the layering of wearing, but also make the overall wear more bright, dissolving the dullness of the black leather coat.

Knitted coats or coats

For the south, which is not very cold, it is also possible to choose a knitted coat or coat vest. Knitted coats will be more special than coats, with the silhouette of the coat, and have a sense of knitted texture, and it is most fashionable to mix and match with some leather items.


Coat vest

It will be relatively neat and casual, and it is also friendly to slightly fat women. Like this, it is layered with a top of the same color, a checked skirt, and a leather beret that is both handsome and temperamental.

Hooded coat

。 The design of the hood is very fashionable and personal, can create a different sense of fashion, the overall silhouette design, to make the body have a margin, winter wear is very inclusive, can meet the needs of women of all sizes.

But also because of the hooded design, so in the matching, the inside should not be too heavy, avoid hooded sweatshirts, knitwear, etc., simple half-turtleneck sweaters are a good choice.

For women whose shoulder line is not very good, choose it

Coat with large lapels

bar. It not only defines the shoulders, but also brings a more powerful aura. The presence brought by the large lapels makes the matching need not be overly complicated.

It is recommended if you are a fashion-conscious woman

Tie the neck coat

Finish. The advantage of this type of coat is that it can replace the scarf and increase the sense of detail of wearing. For the design sense of coats, there is no need to think too much about the matching, and simple underwear can be very fashionable.

Check coat

。 Check is a more classic element, if you want to wear a fashionable but want to wear a long time, choose a check. Low-key checked coats only need a simple match, and for women who can’t match or are too lazy to match, checked coats are the best choice. Just choose a beret and you’re good to go.

Well, about the coat wearing of 50+ middle-aged mothers, this issue is shared here, if you still have questions about fashion, dressing, etc., welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~

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