Home vase design recommendations full of design Make life more ritualistic

In order to make beautiful flowers have a better place to live, we Qinhuangdao decoration network summarize some creative ones for everyone

Vase design

, everyone get ready to see the difference with me

Vase picture

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01 Geometric glass vase

This one likes its color and shape, it is a highlight wherever you put it, and the funnel model inserts a whole bouquet of flowers that is really stunning, multi-color options.

02 Morandi color ceramic vase

The low-saturation Morandi color and simple geometric shape look very literary.

03 Light luxury bamboo-shaped glass vase

This bamboo-shaped glass vase has a simple and elegant shape, cool and elegant, and is very attractive.

04 Creative geometric glass vase

I really like this irregular shape of the flower vessel, the simple design, smooth lines, transparent color, just like a work of art, multiple together to work better.

05 Creative glass vase

This glass vase is very similar to the kerosene lantern of the past, available in dark blue and black colors, and simple branches and bright bouquets will have different decorative effects, which are good choices.

06 Triangular ceramic vase

This shape is simpler, triangular column, this pastel color is very comfortable to look at, and a single flower looks very artistic.

07 Creative metallic vase

This is the only recommended metal flower ware, because of the material, the small shape will bring a sense of sophistication compared to the large size.

08 Irregular glass vase

This vertical slightly irregular flower vessel, smooth lines and beautiful shape, can enhance the temperament of space when you put it casually.

09 Fish scale pattern glass vase

This fish-scaled vase in its brown color is perfect for matching brightly colored bouquets.

10 Modern minimalist glass vase

This pink and gray curved flower vessel, the color is translucent, the special line design of the bottle body makes the whole flower vessel more unique, it is very good to make a single ornament or insert a single flower.

The above are the 10 creative vase designs that we have carefully summarized for you, these will not cost you too much money, and can also play a finishing role in the home environment, after all, now our houses are inseparable from the arrangement of home floral arrangement!