Jiayi shares: small water cup, big world

Who would have thought that a small thermos cup could sell 218 million yuan in just half a year? This takes you into this magical listed company: Jiayi Shares (301004).

When you are studying and studying, a thermos cup can accompany you to Bogu Tongjin;

When you are on a business trip, a thermos cup can relieve you of the hard work;

When you exercise and fitness, a thermos cup can help you feel refreshed;

When you travel by car, a thermos cup can accompany you to thousands of mountains and rivers;

When you step green in spring, swim in summer, climb high in autumn, enjoy snow in winter…

Today, the thermos cup is no longer the original simple drinking tool, it exists in any time and space we live, and has become synonymous with fashion, sports, quality and a better life. At some point, perhaps for a moment, the thermos cup in our hands became our spiritual sustenance.

Can’t put it down, thermos cups have become a world trend

“Goji berries in a thermos cup” is a familiar oil poem written by comedian Jia Bing, which is popular all over the country, and also reflects the living habits of Chinese people drinking hot water in thermos cups.

On the streets of the UK, it is common to see white-collar workers in the workplace holding thermos cups full of coffee; In the western United States, three or five farmers often gather together to drink beer with thermos cups in hand. In foreign countries, thermos cup users cover office workers, students, the elderly and other groups, and even become an important choice for gifts among friends.

China Business Industry Research Institute mentioned in the “2021 Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulation Ware Industry Market Prospect and Investment Research Report” that in recent years, the global stainless steel vacuum insulation appliance market consumption has shown a continuous upward trend, with a market size of US$4.76 billion in 2016 and an increase of US$6.83 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.89%. It is estimated that in 2021, the global stainless steel vacuum stainless steel insulation ware market size will reach 7.01 billion US dollars.

It can be seen that with the development of product diversification and people’s consumption upgrade, the market demand has increased year by year, and the high-quality enterprises in the industry have also entered the golden period of rapid development. As a well-known enterprise in the field of thermos cup, Jiayi Co., Ltd. grasps the development opportunity, focuses on high-end brand OEM, ODM processing, and carries out strategic cooperation with Starbucks, Stanley, Takeya, Lululemon and other industry giants all year round.

At present, Jiayi Co., Ltd.’s products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Canada, and the market covers North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and has established long-term strategic partnerships with world-renowned thermos cup brands and retailers.

With years of OEM/ODM customer accumulation and rich technical reserves, Jiayi Co., Ltd. also develops its own brands through a combination of independent cultivation and external acquisition, and the company currently has a number of independent brands such as miGo and ONE2GO, forming a new sales model of OEM/ODM business and independent brand business “two-wheel drive”.

Driven by the new sales model, Jiayi’s products are exported to all over the world, and the company’s brand value is also increasing. ONE2GO brand positioning is mainly for high-end people, with high-quality products full of design, let users feel the vitality of life. MiGo’s concept is to provide a new lifestyle aesthetic solution for urban fast-paced fashion people, and its Shangyue series products won the A’Design Design Award in 2016 and the Red Dot Award in 2017.

In the era of “new domestic products”, quality creates core competitiveness

The reason why Jiayi’s products can be recognized by the market stems from the consistent focus on thermal insulation products.

Over the years, Jiayi Co., Ltd. has continued to forge ahead and explore innovation, the company’s production and technical personnel have been skilled in the operation of production equipment in each process, accurately grasp the process parameters of various products, and formed ultra-thin stainless steel welded round tube alloy seal hydroforming technology, true air dyeing and printing technology, lightweight thin technology, intelligent temperature display technology, stainless steel thermos flask new surface treatment technology, stainless steel thermos cup ginning technology, stainless steel thread precision forming processing technology and many other core manufacturing technologies.

In terms of automation and intelligent equipment, the company steadily improves production efficiency and product quality and continues to invest, the existing automatic injection molding machine, intelligent thin spinning machine, intelligent laser cup splitting machine and flattening machine, intelligent laser welding machine, intelligent automatic disc multi-station polishing machine, laser marking machine and other advanced production equipment, as well as robot metalworking production line, automatic spraying line, automatic spraying line, automatic robot water transfer printing line and packaging line.

In recent years, the proposal of “new domestic products” has made everyone realize the importance of traditional manufacturing to economic development, and the transformation of manufacturing to a new stage, enhance their bargaining space and core technical capabilities is the dual demand of external competition and internal development, in today’s deepening globalization, Chinese manufacturing brands should go to international and world brand competition.

While enhancing product competitiveness, Jiayi Co., Ltd. regards product quality as the foundation of the company’s survival, always attaches great importance to quality management, establishes a relatively complete quality management system, and implements relatively complete and systematic quality inspection procedures in procurement, production and sales.

In addition, the company’s outdoor plastic double-layer cup, outdoor metal double-layer cup, stainless steel vacuum cup have obtained the “Made in Zhejiang” certification, and led the drafting of “T/ZZB 0994-2019 outdoor metal double-layer cup” and “T/ZZB 0995-2019 outdoor plastic double-layer cup” approved by Zhejiang Brand Construction Federation as “Made in Zhejiang” standards.

While developing the market, Jiayi Co., Ltd. carefully does a good job in each thermos cup, forming a warm brand in the hearts of consumers. The author believes that a thermos cup that enters the heart can be a guarantee when the body needs, or an embellishment in ordinary life, although the grass and trees are autumn, but there are always some things worthy of our time companionship.