The summer clothes of the cotton era are new, and the vitality interprets the parent-child travel outfit

  Early summer, which not only continues the freshness of spring, but also opens the vitality of summer, is the most suitable time to take your baby on an outing and enjoy parent-child fun. You may wish to let the beautiful mother blogger @Liaohoof teach you how to choose a good parent-child outfit and find the right way to open in early summer.

When traveling on holidays, especially with small children, it is important to choose comfortable clothes. This recommended new collection of summer wear in the cotton era, each piece is a gift from natural and good cotton. High-quality cotton fibers not only weave the comfort of pearl fabrics, but also bring the lightness and breathability of woven fabrics. Whether it is intimate design details or eco-friendly printing technology, it increases the comfort and beauty of wearing.

  Cotton fashion style, skillfully set up summer novelty

  In the season of spring and summer, the temperature is relatively changeable, even if the sun is still bright at noon, but it is relatively cool in the morning and evening. At this time, it is recommended to combine “thin jacket + shorts underwear”, a comfortable and breathable thin jacket that can be made into a light jacket, very practical to wear, and then paired with comfortable wide-leg shorts, easy to wear out the summer freshness.

  The classic white T brings more vitality to this summer. The stretch-bead-floored thin knitted fabric feels fresh and soft to the touch, the adult model has a contrasting neckline to express the personality, and the children’s model uses a beautiful fruit embroidered door tube, which is childlike, sweet and comfortable. The echo of parent-child clothing is the embodiment of the fun of parent-child outings.

  The cotton little white dress makes the elegance more convincing

  Summer travel is indispensable for a sweet and elegant little white dress. The cotton gauze dress not only retains the softness and skin-friendliness of cotton, but also adds the lightness and breathability of gauze, webbing drawstring at the waist, comfortable waist, slight margin space, wearing without restraint can also skillfully show the curve. The fresh white print and delicate floral embellishments on the skirt release a gentle charm in the warm sun. The girls’ little white dress is made of classic woven cut fabric with a soft texture and ruffled panels, making it easy to create an elegant little princess fan.

  Cotton vitality set to recharge your batteries on bright summer days

  The summer refreshment is being delivered. High-quality stretch beaded fabric, comfortable and breathable, light and unburdened when going out. Girls’ knitted pearl dress, 100% cotton brings soft and sticky touch, skin-friendly and non-itchy, and cares for children’s skin. The sweet little pink dress is covered with strawberry fruit print, exuding an innocent atmosphere, making the summer outing even more joyful.

  This summer, let the sun and breeze, as well as the summer clothes of the cotton era, accompany you to a nature rendezvous.