Father’s birthday gift Teach you to hook men’s crochet V-neck vest (with illustration)

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The weekend is my father’s birthday, and after the vest is hooked, I took a photo of him, asking if he felt old-fashioned, he said that he was originally an old man, and he was afraid of being old. Obviously only 54 years old, tall figure, do not say that he is seven old and eighty.

The body was hooked years ago, the hem and placket remained, it seems that the thread at hand is a little insufficient, and I have no confidence to continue to hook, so I dragged and dragged, the third piece inserted during the period is almost finished, if not for the father’s birthday approaching, I am afraid it will continue to rot indefinitely.

When he said to hook a vest, he said that he didn’t need to use it, and he sent him photos two days ago, and he still seemed to be happy.

Thread: Wen Jingjia 36 Italian hair combined with four strands, about 1.2 pounds;

Needle: 3.2mm body, 2.8mm hem (hands tight, can’t hurt);

Size: Size 180, shoulder width 47cm, garment length 74cm, chest circumference 110cm, great elasticity. Dad is 175cm, 160 pounds, should be able to wear it.



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