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Unboxing to dry

The cousin got married abroad last year and had a baby at the end of the year, and then plans to return home in May this year to serve drinks. Since I want to put out the wine, of course, as the eldest brother, I want to express it

, what to send? The first thing that comes to mind is red envelopes, but I don’t think there’s anything new about giving red envelopes, and it’s a bit tacky (don’t shoot bricks.)

), think about it or don’t know what to send … Later, the sister, who was still a confidante, gave a good idea: send gold jewelry.

Why give gold jewelry? One is gold preservation (just nonsense); The second is commemorative significance (every time my cousin sees the jewelry, I think: Well, this is a gift from my brother

); Third, it can be passed on to her daughter-in-law (

Well, that’s what I imagined). Why not buy it at a local gold store and find a daigou? Because I really can’t find a favorite model in the local area…

And if you buy on behalf of you, you can save a little money.

Since it was the girl’s idea, I went to Taobao, chose a few gold pendants, and finally chose this giraffe pendant (sure enough, it is the girl’s usual style) and a swastika necklace. Of course, you can’t forget my big nephew, he is a baby horse, so give a pony pendant!

Do not advertise to merchants, give a Taobao shopping search, everyone identifies by themselves.


The red box is festive!

The “giraffe” lay quietly inside

The only logo in the entire box

Doesn’t it feel cute

CTF 999.9, which is the true body, is the thousand foot gold of Chow Tai Fook

Necklace, 16 inches, suitable for thinner girls

Listen to the girl’s advice to choose this necklace, the style is simple, eye-catching!

This pony pendant continent’s Chow Tai Fook also has it, and for convenience, they also purchased it together

There is no lettering on the back

Pony and fawn! This one was taken by a mobile phone and is a little dark

Finally, of course, the upper body photo is indispensable, isn’t it very cute?

In fact, at the beginning of telling my mother to buy gold jewelry online when she refused, she did not understand that the current young people electronic products online shopping is just that, even gold jewelry is purchased online, and then I talked to her bitterly, coercion and temptation for a long time or did not work, and finally I had to make a killer move, I said that online shopping can save money (that is, save a hundred dollars), if you are not worried, you can take it to the Chow Tai Fook store to inspect the goods. Then my mom agreed

Forgot to mention the price… The price of Hong Kong purchasing is calculated as follows: the gold price of the day (Hong Kong gold price converted into RMB + purchasing fee) * grams * 1.02 (government commission) + manual fee, express delivery SF, insured price on payment. So the necklace price is 4.04 grams * 287 per gram * 1.02 + 35 = 1218, giraffe 3.93 grams * 287 per gram * 1.02 + 45 = 1195, pony 2.06 grams * 287 per gram * 1.02 + 54 = 657, a total of 1218 + 1195 + 657 + 28 (SF + insured) = 3098 yuan

Why is this daigou not very satisfactory? First, the waiting time is too long, from the order payment to the receipt of the goods took half a month

; Second, there was a missing invoice when it was sent to me; Third, the red rope I told several times was still forgotten.

Let’s talk about the workmanship, the workmanship is good, very fine, the spots and tail of the giraffe are shiny, the other parts are frosted, and the expression is very vivid.

Finally, although this time Chow Tai Fook purchased a little heartwarming, the things are still very good, and my cousin also likes it very much! The cousin’s liking is the most important thing, isn’t it

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10th floor

12 minutes ago

It’s good to give money, but I want to give a memorable wedding gift

9th floor

14 minutes ago

All three I bought were priced by weight

8th floor

15 minutes ago

Paying attention to affordability, I have already given red envelopes, and I can still see a movie after a few years of gifting

7th floor

16 minutes ago

I don’t even know if I dare to buy online

6th floor

9 hours ago

Chow Tai Fook is all a price, giant pit

5th floor

Alas, the landlord, I can’t bear to hit you, but it’s really good to send money…

4th floor

13 hours ago

LZ remembers that HK uses Sima system, 16 taels per catty


21 hours ago

Ha ha

Make up the word count


23 hours ago

Or the most affordable to send money


06-01 08:37

The giraffe hanged


9 hours ago