Thin leather booties are handsome and over-standard, and the sassy girl crazy pick the outfit

Sassy girl, still straightening her hair for what to wear every day? This is not to be critical, but to be unwilling to live a mediocre life and declare one’s claims with outfits.

No, thin leather boots understand your pursuit, turn into your combat boots and shine, take you out of life through thorns, and show your handsome posture.

Now, let’s learn about the daily wear of thin leather boots~

Temporarily remove the burden on your shoulders, call three or two friends to travel, PU+ Hyperion combination insole of thin leather booties, relieve heel pressure, enjoy soft foot feeling, with a denim jacket and black leg pants, the action is clean and neat. In its warm company, walk through the mottled brick road, abandon the obstacles of the road, and regain the original enthusiasm.

The bold girl is not willing to be dull, play with her own style, thin leather boots of the cow section layer membrane leather, the glossy surface presents a high-end texture, the last boots trim legs to show thinness, your beauty is infinitely magnified, with a checkered small suit and black ultra-shorts, showing your beautiful atmosphere. It discovers you who strive to shine, excavates your beauty, and makes you easily out of the loop in ordinary life.

Super A royal sister is resolute, easy to control all kinds of occasions, the classic 8-hole thin leather boots highlight your noble temperament, 4cm high boots, distance from the people around you, with black leather clothes and black and white checkered skirts, your aura is unstoppable. It allows you to come out with momentum and interpret your attitude boldly as soon as your eyes are focused.

You are working hard in a different place, busy for work, thin leather boots PVC translucent jelly-colored sole, soft soles, giving you a non-slip and wear-resistant sense of security, with a black suit and black and white polka dot A-line skirt, walking between to show your gentleness. With it to protect the soles of your feet, you don’t have to worry about climbing steep slopes anymore, and you can take your steps freely.

Thin leather booties that understand your handsome personality allow you to show your style in life. Did the thin leather booties on top poke you?