How do women go out with makeup quickly? These 4 BB creams with natural makeup are worth buying

What if you want to go out more beautifully, but don’t want to be too complicated with makeup foundations? It is a good way to apply a BB cream at this time. Compared to foundation, using BB cream is faster and more convenient, just like applying lotion, it can modify the skin tone and effectively enhance the texture of the skin.

Choose the right BB cream, you can really do 5 minutes of makeup and go out quickly! Whether you usually go to work, or go to the supermarket, go out to eat, it is too convenient to use. Koala has sorted out 4 BB cream products with good reputation and natural makeup effect, which are available at different price points, which is convenient for everyone to choose!

Maybelline BB cream

If you want a BB cream with better coverage, you can try this one. A product designed for blemish-prone skin to easily create a natural-looking nude finish. Formulated with high-coverage ingredients, this formula has a good effect on light to moderate spots and fine lines on the face.

The finish effect of this BB cream on the face is more moist and shiny, different from the matte feel of concealer foundation, more like a light watery skin finish, and the skin texture is very good. The overall wearing power is excellent, autumn and winter can basically ensure a complete makeup effect of the day, except for the slight powder problem that may occur on the nose wings, other facial skin base makeup is relatively complete.

BB cream is simple to apply makeup, you can gently rub it with your fingers, the skin effect is good, even if the skin is relatively dry, it will not be particularly powdered. If you have medium coverage requirements, try a nourishing concealer for higher moisture. However, this BB cream may be a little pale when first applied, and it will become more and more natural after a while. BB cream has two shades to choose from, except for girls with particularly fair skin tones, both are more suitable.

Enigma Big Red BB Cream

The originator product of the BB cream world, although it gradually faded out of everyone’s sight, but when it comes to useful BB cream, the first thing that comes to mind is it. The upgraded red tube BB cream adds color microparticle technology, which delicates the powder of the product and improves the coverage of the BB cream, making it more suitable for priming.

In addition, after the upgrade, the problem of graying after the use of BB cream has been improved, and the color tone has been added to four to meet the needs of more people. This BB cream does not pick makeup tools, it is no problem to use your fingers or make-up eggs. The texture of the product is moist, evenly applied to the skin has a natural brightening effect, and the skin surface will appear natural translucent and radiant, the effect of correcting the yellow tone of the skin is very good.

After finishing makeup, the overall makeup effect has a creamy texture, and the skin is greatly improved. Under the condition of wearing makeup for a long time, it will not be particularly dry, and there is almost no dullness problem. Except for large oil skin, other skin types can be tried. This BB cream is relatively affordable, does not pick the skin state, especially suitable for student parties or makeup novices to buy.

Skin-Friendly BB Cream

A BB cream product that focuses on the combination of skin tone modification and skin nourishment, it has won awards in the Korean cosmetics list for four consecutive years, and is recommended by many medical beauty schools as a base makeup product for sensitive skin.

Formulated with a complex of peptides and 5 layers of ceramides, this BB cream calms the skin’s surface while applying makeup to prevent redness and itching.

This BB cream has a thick milky texture, similar to a skin nourishing foundation, and is more suitable for use with makeup tools. On the surface of the skin, the finish is very delicate and skin-friendly, has a certain invisible pore effect, and the modification power is very good for rough and dull areas of the skin.

For facial imperfections, the hiding power is weak, and the makeup holding power can basically be maintained for 5-6 hours in autumn and winter, and if you need to wear makeup for a long time, you can stack the setting product.

This BB cream is more suitable for dry skin and combination skin, and when the skin is slightly oily, the base makeup is also relatively refreshing, and there will be no powder mottling. However, this BB cream only has one color, and girls with particularly fair skin are not very suitable.

OnlyMinerals BB Cream

You may not be familiar with this brand, but it is actually very famous in Japan. This brand focuses on mineral makeup, focusing on natural hypoallergenic makeup products. This BB cream also won the first place in the BB cream category at the cosme awards in the first half of 20.

BB cream focuses on creamy skin with a slight oil control effect. The formula is mainly based on natural mineral ingredients, which are mild and not easy to be sensitive, and the mineral ingredients have certain antioxidant effects. In addition, ingredients that physically block ultraviolet rays are added to reduce the damage of blue light to the skin.

Available in three shades, the BB cream features a lightly brightening effect on the upper face, slightly modifying facial imperfections and evening out skin tone. After the BB cream is applied to the face, the makeup effect is relatively natural, without excessive powder, and it is very suitable for creating pseudo-plain makeup or commuting makeup.

Because the formula ingredients are relatively safe, it can also be used for sensitive skin or acne skin. In addition, this BB cream officially claims that it does not need to remove makeup separately, and can be cleaned with ordinary cleansing. To a certain extent, the difficulty of subsequent cleaning is reduced.

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