Hard photos of the suits of the goddesses, Song Qian Liu Tao is full of aggression, and Zhao Liying’s boyfriend is up up

Why don’t you look good in a suit? The answer is here! Who said that suits can only be worn by boys, girls wear it is also a special flavor, let you feel what is called “heavenly immortal attack” in a second. The girl wears a suit, and the heavenly immortal also has an aggressive side. Song Qian, Liu Shishi, Liu Tao, Zhao Liying… Hard photos of the suits of the goddesses, who is handsome to you?

Song Qian – wearing a suit, tying a bow tie, lying groove!!! I really want to marry!!!

Versatile and unique Song Qian, even simple suits/uniforms, wear exclusive Song Qian temperament and exude unique Song Qian charm.

Song Qian suit ponytail “Bond girl” possessed! Wood has?

The black suit + long legs are also beautiful to a new height!!! Looks clean!!

Song Qian’s handsome suit debuted, and she really has the potential to be a boyfriend when she takes the neutral route!

The handsome temptation of the black suit, the queen is too sultry ~~ instantly become a fan girl is there ~~

Song Qian’s aura is always strong, and she can wear high-threshold items such as suits outstandingly. The colors she chooses are mainly black and white, and more require tailoring and texture, and in private, Song Qian will also wear popular brands, cool to the bone, and feminine.

Liu Tao – wearing out my wife is a big guy’s sense of déjà vu

Liu Tao is wearing a handsome suit, and her semi-long hair style is very handsome and eye-catching, and you can see how capable and handsome she will be by looking at the photos.

Handsome back, Mofiel’s slim long suit, dashing flared pants, with shining Jimmy Choo pointed heels, the whole set is simple and powerful, that aura, is simply the big sister of the little fresh meat! I think of the name of a movie – “My Wife is a Big Guy”!!!

The gestures are all domineering in capital letters, follow Sister Tao, do you obey? Many small fresh meats can’t be licked by you licking the screen, but handsome many small fresh meats, she is Liu Tao. Not only is his appearance high enough, his temperament is outstanding, and he is simply handsome and explosive in a black suit. Isn’t this here to smash the small fresh meat farm?

Liu Shishi – Poetry with a temperament also has this side, and she is handsome if she doesn’t agree

Liu Shishi exposed a set of handsome suit hard photos, three sets of minimalist and cool suits took turns, under the evil eyes full of flirtatious girly feeling, sure enough, it was the legendary Liu Yingjun, properly staged a suit killing!

Liu Shishi is full of attack. Liu Shishi appeared in an all-white suit, handsome and yuppie. Liu Shishi is heroic and compelling, but also feminine.

Liu Shishi’s eyes are sharp and domineering. Liu Shishi interprets a fashionable and capable style. Liu Shishi is handsome and wears a black tie and is handsome out of the “sky”.

Sun Li – Niangniang, you become the rhythm of the emperor in a second!

Sun Li was invited by a Singapore magazine to appear on the cover of its inaugural issue and shoot a group of style blockbusters. In the intricate light and shadow, Sun Li’s expression is calm and her aura is prominent, in addition to the familiar affinity and sunshine side of the public, showing another mature and restrained self. You are much more handsome than Deng Chao!

Ni Ni – Suits are also a big killer!

Among all female stars in suits, just refer to the aura and temperament reflected in suits, I like Ni Ni the most ~ Good sisters Ni Ni and Angelababy can also occasionally play a husband and wife file, even if there is no boyfriend, it is not bad to take a girlfriend out, I think of the baby bird depends on how happy the picture is.

Song Jia – how to see Chaplin’s sense of déjà vu!

Song Jia wears a top hat and bow tie to hold the battle, and the beard is an elegant gentleman, perfectly interpreting the mysterious, wild and playful “yuppies” with pictures. But are you, like me, thinking of the master of American comedy – Chaplin!!!

Yuan Shanshan – Counterattack Queen!

Yuan Shanshan is really getting better and better~ more and more pleasing to the eye! Bottoming out is her! The all-white style is dashing and capable, and the makeup and hair are fresh, so the style is very good.

But my favorite is the bun face – Zhao Liying children’s shoes!! The small suit is simply handsome~ Here you find a fan girl who only looks at her face!

But the baby’s suit is like a boyfriend!!! Feel it for yourselves~~

Zhao Liying turned into a tomboy partner, Chen Weiting Group CP, personable, handsome and compelling. Watching “Old Nine Gates” sighed that Zhao Liying’s acting skills are so good, no drama, in ten years from an unknown supporting role step by step to today, the nobody’s time is also clean and proud, and when it is a blockbuster, he is also humble and down-to-earth, thank you for persevering for your dreams, thank you for your strong heart and do not admit defeat, thank you for accompanying us in those years!!!

Li Suo’s hairstyle, black slim waist mid-sleeve suit, with white shirt, subtle and gorgeous, multiple exposure photography effects make Zhao Liying look capable and stylish!!!

I have to say that Zhao Liying is so beautiful! Zhao Liying has not been easy in the past ten years, because she has not studied acting, so she has to work harder than ordinary people, and usually gets up early and goes to bed late. No one’s success is accidental, Zhao Liying with her own efforts and solid acting skills, she is recognized by the public and the industry as a non-professional background!