Red and black plaid shirt exclusive science and engineering men? That’s what you won’t ride

Buffalo check is a kind of checkerboard check, carrying a full sense of American pastoral leisure, mostly black and red color matching, and the name “buffalo check” is derived from the habit of raising buffalo by wool textile factory designers who like to use this pattern.

Shirt about 4588 yuan / Dsquared²

Knitwear about 4277 yuan, jeans about 4265 yuan, necklace about 5622 yuan / all Dsquared²

How to choose an American buffalo check shirt

The biggest charm of the American Buffalo Tag is its iconic American style. Therefore, the color scheme should choose the most symbolic red and black. In terms of style, it is better to use flannel shirts. Wear it as a coat, and the style of the shirt will be more relaxed on the body.

About 4588 yuan / Dsquared²


Embodying the brand DNA to be proud of

A wool shirt

This flannel shirt is made of thick wool blend without hesitation. The large red and black checker, which is in Dsquared²’s DNA, is bright and eye-catching, and it is a real masterpiece.

In casual fashion, the dividing line between Italian and American has been strict for many years. So our proposal is to adopt a mix of two completely different styles. The specific method is to simply bring American casual style items into a sense of quality. The most useful here is the buffalo grid that symbolizes American leisure, and it is a more classic red and black square. As long as you bring it into your usual Italian-style men’s outfit, it’s a good mix of men. From the perspective of style, you can choose a shirt that can be worn as a coat. Because the shirt not only has the neat sense of a man, but also inadvertently has a little casual and natural sense, it can be easily worn in ordinary times, and it can create an unconventional and dashing image for you even at work.

The criteria selected

(1) Red× black

The basic principle of choosing a grid is a simple square. The color scheme can choose a more lively red × black. American style can also be clearly perceived from a distance.

(2) Shirt type

The American buffalo check adds a strong and rugged American flavor to the outfit of mature men, so we can choose a style that is easier to match in the plain outfit. In this way, it seems that the shirt is the most suitable item.

Basic way of dressing

In the style man’s buffalo plaid dressing matching, in fact, the most important thing is the matching of the feet. Instead of wild boots or casual sneakers, we choose black booties with a higher sense of quality. So the American rugged cowboy turned into a high-quality man.

Denim overalls about 2068 yuan, T-shirt about 582 yuan

Trousers about 1486 yuan / both Polo Ralph Lauren

Watches about 41683 yuan / IWC, boots are a reference product

Polo Ralph Lauren

A shirt jacket with a fur makes winter wear easy

This shirt jacket is made of cotton-flannel with a bright red and black plaid on a cotton-flannel shirt lined with very insulating fleece. It’s actually very cold-resistant, but it looks like an ordinary shirt, so you can wear it until winter to maintain a light and dynamic image. Shirt about 2003 yuan / Polo Ralph Lauren


Men who wear booties are more masculine

The Buffalo Look’s outfit is matched with black boots. No matter what bottoms you choose, in fact, as long as you pair them with black boots, any trousers will be fine. In short, just match it with your existing trousers and it will immediately show off the wonderful buffalo look of the man.

Buffalo check shirt about 3813 yuan / Traditional Weatherwear

Long pants about 2908 yuan, tank top about 2844 yuan / both Aspesi

Knitwear about 1293 yuan / Colum, glasses about 1868 yuan / EYEVAN7285

Watch about 9429 yuan / IWC

Black dress boots can be paired with military pants for a mature look

This is a combination of a buffalo franny shirt and military pants, which may give a very rough feel, but if paired with a pair of formal booties, it is the pictured effect. In this case, the choice of military pants for men is a style of slim size and length.

Long pants about 2973 yuan / ESTNATION, shirt about 1745 yuan / Bagutta

T-shirt about 1293 yuan / three dots, sunglasses about 2520 yuan / MOSCOT

Show off the relaxed feeling of a man in stylish tones

If you want to bring out the outdoor feel inherent in a buffalo check shirt and show off the relaxed countryside, it’s best to unify with dark-toned sweatpants and black hiking boots. In addition, the black stand-up collar shirt is used underneath, which can highlight the modern and stylish atmosphere.


This season is all about buying boots!

Paired with an American buffalo checked shirt, the most important companion is black boots. To contrast with the rugged buffalo check, a stylish new pair of boots is the right answer.

Trousers about 2150 yuan / GTA

Knitwear about 1821 yuan Cardigan about 1998 yuan / both JOHN SMEDLEY

Sunglasses about 2908 yuan / MOSCOT


Buffalo checked shirts give a man’s everyday look fresh

Grey knitted two-piece with black slim trousers and black ankle-length riding boots. Pair it with a buffalo check shirt on top of such an outfit for an instant look fresh.


The authentic dress boots have been redesigned to become one of the brand’s hallmarks

The U-shaped toe riding boot “GOLF” that reflects the brand’s characteristics, and the “GOLF high-top riding boots” with a beautiful curve shape have been redesigned, which is very stylish and representative of the brand.

About 2908 yuan / Diemme

Even the crimping line is unified into black urban hiking boots

This is a hiking boot from Diemme, the whole is unified in black, the design is stylish, and it is a special customized style of ESTNATION. It looks like it’s heavy, but it’s actually a light sole and makes it easy and comfortable to wear.

About 8272 yuan / F.LLI Giacometti

Elegant booties with a touch of classical Italy

These ankle-length riding boots look like laces wrapped around the ankle, inheriting the classic Italian style. The lean shape underlines the elegance of the silky French cowhide.


A jacket that acts as a three-piece is smart and stylish

The biggest fun thing about mixing and matching is to add some bright flavor to the original “extravagant” style items. Swapping the jacket for a buffalo check shirt in the three-piece set can be said to take this to the extreme. This is really something that only senior men can do, making the sophistication and naturalness just right.

Vest about 2520 yuan, trousers about 9694 yuan (set price) / both LARDINI

Shirt about 881 yuan, tie about 582 yuan / both BEAMSF

Belts about 1099 yuan / Dino Mattia, sunglasses about 4007 yuan / dunhill



Boots about 6915 yuan / F.LLI Giacometti


A typical representative of the buffalo grid, Alaskan long shirt

Alaskan long shirt representing the Woolrich brand. This time, a traditional buffalo check fabric is made with a blend of recycled wool from Italy. In addition, a thin layer of down is added to the lining. Although lightweight, the super cold resistant design makes the overall lighter and warmer. Shirt about 3102 yuan / Woolrich

Red and black buffalo check shirt There are many more styles!

Because buffalo prose is a regular item of American casual, the matching style of the man must be luxurious. Therefore, when you practice, be sure to buy the best quality of today, and strive to emphasize the feeling of “deliberately new”.

About 2262 yuan / Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

Elbow patch with a classical outdoor vibe

For outdoor wear, choose this wool-blend shirt. The straight hem and slightly larger buttons of the shirt are obvious features, and in addition to the red and black buffalo check, the corduroy elbow patch gives a classic outdoor feel.

About 1909 yuan / Bagutta


The tassel at the hem is eye-catching, and the design is a clever one

True to being a shirt brand, this shirt-shaped coat is full of the brand’s characteristic lightweight production. The fabric uses thick Malden tweed, which guarantees excellent cold resistance. In addition, the tassel at the hem and other highly designed details sublimate the classic shirt jacket into a modern one.

About 18741 yuan / Guy Rover

Guy Rover

Update nostalgia to mature design

Guy Rover’s dual-brand cargo shirt with Fortela. At first glance, the shape of the basic model is actually condensed everywhere with the exquisite design of creative director Squarzi, which is its greatest charm. The classic style, after the best materials and the best design, is finally updated into a new product full of mature atmosphere.



The best materials and larger silhouettes reinvent the concept of American casual

This is a double-sided CPO shirt jacket designed with a red× black check. The buffalo check with a strong American casual impression has been reshaped with a long, soft and fluffy coat and a large silhouette to transform it into a luxurious, stylish men’s coat.

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Buffalo check shirt about 3813 yuan / Traditional Weatherwear

Buffalo check shirt about 3813 yuan / Traditional Weatherwear