It turns out that you are such a fig! Which fruit can be stronger than the background of figs?

It has been cultivated for nearly 5,000 years since around 3000 BC. There was a sacred fig tree in ancient Roman times, as it sheltered the founder of Rome, Prince Rochelus, from murderous witches and woodpeckers, and this fig was later named the “guardian god”. In the ancient legends of the countries bordering the Mediterranean, figs are called “holy fruits” and are used as sacrificial fruits.


Fig – the holy fruit of heaven

Figs have a holy name, the Holy Fruit of Heaven, which derives from the extensive description of figs in the Bible and the Qur’an, which gives figs some sacred color.

It is said that Adam and Eve had a sense of shame after stealing the forbidden fruit, so they found a leaf to cover the lower body, and that leaf was a fig leaf.

Like the tree of good and evil and the tree of life, figs are the eternal trees in the Garden of Eden, and they are the first fruit in heaven!

The obscure and low-key fig originally has a godly background – Jesus, God, the Garden of Eden, let me ask, which fruit can be stronger than the backstage of figs?


Figs – is it really figless

Figs also have flowers, but their flowers are so hidden that people can’t see them. If the fruit is broken, the red part inside is all fig flowers. Because fig inflorescences look like fruits, people eat its cryptocephalic inflorescences, mistakenly taking inflorescences for fruits, so what we eat is mainly the “flower” of figs.

Figs are a high protein, high vitamin, high mineral, low calorie alkaline substance. It is not only ornamental, but more importantly has high nutritional value and medicinal value. It really deserves its reputation as the “holy fruit”.

Its medicinal value has been recorded in detail in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, “Common Medicinal Plants” and so on.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains: figs “taste sweet, non-toxic, main appetizing, antidiarrheal, cure five hemorrhoids, sore throat.” ”

Chinese medicine has concluded in long-term clinical practice that figs are peaceful in nature, sweet, can strengthen the stomach, cleanse the intestines, reduce swelling and detoxification, and can be used to treat enteritis, dysentery, constipation, hemorrhoids, sore throat and carbuncle scabies.

Young fruits and green leaves of figs contain flavonoid wattle, which can lower blood pressure when consumed regularly; The milk of its fresh stems and leaves has a significant effect on the treatment of flat warts and moles; Washing with figs inside and outside can also treat hemorrhoids.


Figs – the king of fruit against cancer

Modern scientific research has found that figs can inhibit the protein synthesis of cancer cells, make cancer cells lose nutrients and die, and have obvious anti-cancer, anti-cancer, enhance human immune function. The tumor inhibition rates of figs against ascites carcinoma, sarcoma, liver cancer and lung cancer in mice were 53.81%, 41.82%, 44.44% and 48.52%, respectively.

According to modern medical research, figs contain a variety of cancer-inhibiting active substances, such as hydroxybenzaldehyde, psoralens, coumarin compounds, bergamot lactone and other cancer-suppressing substances, which have been used in the treatment and pain relief of cancer patients abroad, and have been clinically applied in China.

The broad-spectrum anti-cancer effect of figs provides scientific evidence for dietary therapy, and patients with nasopharyngeal cancer insist on taking figs, which has obvious adjuvant therapeutic effects. During nasopharyngeal cancer surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it is often taken, its taste is sweet, nourishes the spleen and stomach, and can combine special effects of improving nutrition, strengthening stomach and detoxification, preventing cancer and fighting cancer.


★ Weihai.

Figs – National Geographical Indication products

Weihai is blessed with warm winter, cool summer, warm spring and cool autumn, and its unique geographical environment and ecological conditions are not only “the most suitable place for human habitation”, but also the home favored by many rare treasures.

More than a century ago, figs crossed the sea from an exotic land, rooted in this small coastal city, for more than a hundred years, the sea breeze blows, fertile soil grows, humanistic cultivation, figs here endlessly, into forests, like the city’s endorsement and protection, has become a beautiful city business card of Weihai.

A perfect fit


“The best fruit for human consumption”


“The best city for human habitation”

Nowadays, figs have become one of the gold medal industries in Weihai, and various products around figs as raw materials have emerged one after another, and since 2010, after the review and approval of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, the national geographical indication product protection of “Weihai figs” has been implemented.

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