The slipper rack and scraper really work!

Summarizes 9 kinds of bathroom good things recommended (a certain treasure link is blocked, try the Weibo window function, click the bottom of the picture to try, only four can be put, the rest search by keywords)

1⃣️ Nail-free slipper rack

Stick to the side of the bathing area, there is a floor drain below, and you can control the water after taking a bath slippers, and you will no longer be wet.

2⃣️ Magic broom

This broom is particularly useful in places with tiles, it is simply a wiper artifact, I am specially placed in the bathroom to scrape, scrape once, there is no need to mop the floor. And the new scraper head is good for cleaning walls and glass

3⃣️ UMBRA multifunctional cleaning scraper

Really easy to use, I feel that the bathroom pool is a must-have, whether it is countertop water or used to scratch glass is very good to use~ the feel is also very good… Well… Delicate ~ This material is not hydrophilic and dry, and can stand up and put it without taking up space!

4⃣️MUJI stainless steel sink rack

There is always standing water on the windowsill in the shower area, and the bottom of the bath products will be sticky, and the stainless steel frame of the muji solves this problem. Put niches and shelves can be used.

5⃣️UMBRA Non-perforated double-layer shelf

The appearance is quite high, it is convenient to hang anywhere, and it is very suitable to put bath products. There is also a usage, hanging directly on the shower, there are suction cups fixed behind it, double insurance, absolutely will not fall.

6⃣️ Dehub suction cup storage rack

Use this shelf on the washing countertop, put some commonly used toiletries, there are two suction cups behind it, rotate and lock and fix, the shelf is suspended, and the countertop can be cleaned at any time without leaving sanitary dead ends.

7⃣️IKEA Gudmore with lid storage box

Bathroom storage is based on the IKEA drawer cabinet under the sink, two layers of one-meter-wide drawers can be installed, the storage box in the middle of the drawer 5 sets, put small things can be separated, transparent with cover, easy to access.

8⃣️MUJI PET refill bottle

There are two types of muji refill bottles:

One is the foaming type: this size is the most suitable for hand sanitizer, the bubbles are very fine, and you can save half the amount. The official recommendation applies to MUJI’s hand sanitizer, as placing other solvents may cause clogging or non-foaming. I used it fine, it was quite smooth.

One is the supplementary type: the bath supplies bottles and cans are packed in replacement bottles, abandoning the green label, white can reduce visual pressure, storage is much fresher, and it is very convenient to use.

9⃣️ Dehub suction cup tissue holder

There are many types of this suction cup series, here is the introduction of paper towel holders, suction on the side of the toilet is very convenient.