Preparation of the starry sky lollipop cake

Learn Chef’s new “Lollipop Cake Mold” to satisfy my hidden girlish heart! Split egg sponge cake embryo, colorful starry sky chocolate shell, cotton soft taste, dreamy feeling, provoked my daughter to scream!

By Er2005 [Official Certified Talent of Douguo Delicacy]


Low gluten flour 60g

2 eggs

20g butter

caster sugar 45g

White chocolate 200g

Food coloring red, blue, green, yellow

Lemon juice a little

Practical steps

1. Beat the egg white until coarse foam at low speed, drop a few drops of lemon juice, add caster sugar into the egg white in 3 times, and beat until hard foaming

2. Add the egg yolk and beat for half a minute

3. Sift in low powder, and mix “J” until there is no dry powder

4. Add liquefied butter and mix well

5. Put it into a piping bag, and cut a small hole the size of a small finger in the piping bag

6. Squeeze into the lollipop mold and shake lightly

7. Insert the lollipop stick, don’t insert it too deeply

8. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees for about 20 minutes

9. The white chocolate coin melts at 50 degrees of water, and the water temperature is maintained over low heat

10. The lollipops are demolded immediately after the oven, inserted into the chocolate liquid one by one, and evenly dipped in the chocolate liquid and cooled

11. Add red, blue, green and yellow food coloring to the remaining chocolate, and mix it with a toothpick

12. Insert the lollipop cake into the colored chocolate liquid, take a light circle, lift it and insert it on the mold to cool

13. Put on a bow and give it away!

14. Close-up

15. Is it cute or not?

16. The chick is reluctant to eat!

17. Great love


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