T-shirts don’t have to be worn in spring and summer! The fairy wearing method of these “shirts” is worth learning, simple and exquisite

In spring and summer, most people will prioritize wearing T-shirts, which are simple and smart, but it really takes a lot of thought to wear a sense of fashion, so we can try other popular models this season.

For example, the following shirts are very worthy of reference, and the shirts are simple and neat. It can make your matching style more diverse, and become fashionable in a second.

When choosing a shirt, the fit is definitely the key, and more young ladies now prefer this short shirt than a long shirt. The matching of short shirts can help you define the proportions of your body, especially the shirt that is long near the waist, it really looks tall and thin, and small people basically fall in love.

The white shirt is very short, revealing our small waist, and with high-waisted pants, you can also show the long legs and give full play to the advantages of the figure.

If you want to wear a shirt but don’t know how to choose, the simplest is to use a white shirt concave shape, which can be said to be the most photographed and classic item in the fashion circle, which is conducive to creating a sense of fashion.

White shirts are available in a variety of styles and can show a variety of different outfits, whether worn alone or layered.

It’s easy to wear a shirt, but you also need to use a few tricks to change your style when wearing it. Most people don’t tie all the buttons when they wear a shirt every day, and undo the two buttons on the neckline, which creates a small V-neck feeling and defines the neck line.

For example, the matching is used in this way, and by the way, the hair is tied up, and the neck can be exposed, which looks particularly refreshing, and it is really beautiful in spring and summer.

The shirt is very fresh, whether it is light blue or light green, it always feels particularly fresh and vulgar, and it can help us modify the skin, and it is also very friendly for the little sister with yellow and black skin.

Then pair it with jeans or suit pants to create long legs and show off a variety of styles. The key is that the color of the pants is also light, which forms a clear connection with the shirt, and it looks dull at all.

If a small person wants to wear a shirt with jeans, then try to raise the waistline, you can use a short shirt with high-waisted pants, so that it will appear well proportioned. For example, the matching of these stuffed corners, which is too suitable for small people, will look very imposing when worn on the body.

If you want to dress casually, you can match it with small white shoes, and if you want to look more elegant, it is also very temperamental with loafers. In any case, it is best to expose your ankles to show the thinning effect will be better.

If you are afraid of monotony, you can also combine the belt to define your figure, the belt with pants, and then the shirt, directly help you modify the proportions of the body, create a small waist and long legs.

The color of the belt can be different from the pants and shirt, so that it can form a better division on the body and the proportions look better. In addition, the lower body is basically matched with loose pants or skirts, so that it will appear better proportioned and create an S-shaped body.

There are also some young ladies who want to show different temperament, and may also use some accessories to match, such as shawls with shirts, which is quite suitable for the current season. Because the temperature is not high or low, it has a certain warmth effect if combined with a shawl, and you can take it off directly if it is hot.

The shirt paired with the classic black straight-leg pants does look very imposing. Black pants are the thinnest, and the combination of the shirt can also be contrasted.

After reading these shirt combinations, you no longer have to worry that you won’t be able to dress. In fact, these shirts are really temperamental to wear, and they will also show different styles, which is worth learning.