S925 silver natural tourmaline bracelet 220628

【Today’s New Colored Jewelry Appreciation】

The gemstone size is 5×5 and only 799 meters

JC22062801 model

The ceiling of tourmaline is here!!

A tourmaline bracelet that combines dreaminess, romance and tenderness, it will instantly transform into an innocent little fairy~

Boy! Crying directly to my beauty! The girl’s heart is bursting! Crazy heart for this tourmaline bracelet, natural tourmaline connections of different colors, crystal translucency, beautiful color, belongs to the color matching that looks more and more flavorful ~ light color is super suitable for summer ~

The overall temperament is high-grade and noble, but it is not conventional, every detail is created by heavy work, it is simply a work of art worn on the hand~

In addition to high appearance, it can also bring good luck, commonly known as the tourmaline bracelet of the sweet ceiling.

This is the kind of happiness that adults should have~

The love design is inlaid with pink and transparent and bright tourmaline, and the gemstone design three-prong setting is simple and fashionable, sweet and silky, and has a sultry and unconscious beauty~

The rose golden chain is very textured on the wrist, and the clean sense of power neutralizes the sweet atmosphere, and the whole bracelet has a confident and noble and gentle temperament, which is the most indispensable magic weapon in your jewelry Wow~

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S925 silver natural tourmaline bracelet 220628