I never expected that the biggest sound in the world turned out to be it…

There is a bold assumption

Want to learn about the world’s biggest sound?

How powerful is the biggest sound?

Have we heard? What does it feel like?

Do you think that the roar of a rocket ejection is already the loudest sound that humans have ever heard?

Scientists at SLAC’s National Accelerator Laboratory don’t think so.

The research team claims that

The biggest sound ever, even if the rocket erupts, is nothing more than gentle elevator music in front of this deafening explosion.

Such a loud sound can no longer be described by noise

It should be a shockwave with destructive power! It’s just —

On August 27, 1883, Mount Krakatau in Indonesia erupted, the largest sound ever observed in human history.

How does it prove that its sound is by far the loudest?

It was recorded that when the Krakatau volcano erupted, it was heard more than 3,500 kilometers away.

In the small town of Alice Springs in central Australia, a farmer reportedly heard two rifle-like sounds of rifles.

4,800 kilometers away, on the island of Rodrigues near Madagascar, residents also heard muskets that appeared to come from far away.

A British ship was 64 kilometers from Krakatoa when the volcano erupted, and the captain wrote in his logbook: “The eruption was so violent that more than half of the crew had their eardrums broken.” The last thing I thought was my wife, and I thought the day of judgment had come.

According to monitoring, when the Krakatoa volcano erupted, the sound reached 172 decibels from 160 kilometers away.

It is better not to make this loud noise, far beyond the ability of our eardrums to bear. It was a devastating bang.

In general,

Humans feel pain when they are in a sound of 130 decibels.

The working electric drill, the sound is about 100 decibels;

Next to the jet engine, the sound is about 150 decibels.

In addition to the sounds that humans can hear, volcanic eruptions produce powerful infrasound. Within 24 hours, weather stations in Kolkata, Sydney, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Rome, Paris, Berlin, New York and other cities have monitored peak pressure. Sounds below 20 Hz are called infrasound, which has a low frequency but strong penetration and a long propagation range. Although these sounds are loud, we can’t hear them because of the low frequency. Even more shocking, five days later, weather stations in 50 cities around the world were monitoring peak pressure about every 34 hours. This interval is about the time it takes for sound to circle the earth. Eventually, according to monitoring data, infrasonic waves from the eruption of Mount Krakatau circled the Earth three to four times.

So, how fortunate it is to hear this loud noise, and the eardrums are still intact.

We often call a sound that is harmful to the eardrum: noise pollution

When the general sound is about 30 decibels, it will not affect normal life and rest. When it reaches more than 50 decibels, people have a greater feeling and it is difficult to fall asleep. Generally, a sound of 80 decibels or more is judged to be noise.

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