Many people don’t have to find a shoemaker to repair shoes? 90% of people are using imported shoe glue, and the effect is shocking

I prefer to buy some basketball shoes, and I like to wear them everywhere, and it is not uncommon for shoes to be glued, after all, the current process is not comparable to the original. It turned out that I have always been going to the shoe repair shop to repair, but seeing that they also use 502 glue to bond, I also have a dark pain in my heart, such a good shoe with 502 glue is really a pity, Recently, I found a glue on the Internet, and the online review is said to be good, so take this opportunity to do an unboxing and evaluation for everyone, if you think it is good, it can be used in the future is also a reference. The article does not have a set order of consideration, think of where to write, please make do with it, after all, it is not a high-end object evaluation, there is no need to write a board and a glance of universal glue is an ideal product for bonding on two different materials, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Whether you’re building, creating or repairing work, this Swiss imported powerful eco-friendly universal glue can help you get the job done. The toughness of the universal glue is extremely strong and impressive.

Wide range of uses: suitable for general household repair leather shoes, canvas shoes, sneakers, sole shoes, shoemaker strong resin leather repair glue and other materials! Incompetence is Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, Anta this Swiss shoe glue can easily help you repair it! The bonding effect is comparable to needle and thread, waterproof: it can maintain good adhesion even in humid environments. Cold and heat resistant: It is not affected in extreme temperature environments. Can be painted, dyed, sanded: it is easier to help you achieve the desired result. Clamping time: 1-2 hours Gel time: 5-10 minutes Full cure: 24 hours Color after curing: transparent

Both sides are in English, this glue is a universal superglue, known as “the most difficult task in the world” and “100% waterproof”. Is it so, wait and see later after the glue is unblocked from the box, it feels very comfortable with a matte texture and a large portion! Now I’m going to use experiments to prove whether this powerful shoe glue is good to use, please our protagonist this time! Photo-cheating!

Right! That’s him! Is there anyone who knows! I usually wear these shoes when I walk, and I can’t play with him, but a few days ago I found that there was a rubber on the front side of my right foot, and my heart hurt terribly! See picture: In fact, the original glue opening was not so serious, but in order to let everyone see clearly, I used my hand to break all the time, keep breaking… As a result, it’s so big .

Open the glue and find that there is a small red dot inside, which is much stronger than 502, at least it will not block, and the glue is much thicker than 502. Remember, don’t squeeze out a lot of it, or it will spill. But don’t worry if you get it in your hands, just wipe it gently, unlike the 502, which will be very troublesome if you get your hands!

I have wiped off the excess glue and I did not buy the matching pressure clip and could only hold it with my hand. After a while, a foamy liquid appeared, which I cleaned with a cotton swab. Note that this liquid will appear after a while, visually because of too much dosage… Try a small dosage next time. After more than 1 hour of manual squeezing, I went to sleep, and the next day I found that the bond had hardened, and I was ready to try it on for the weekend! On the weekend, after wearing it for two days, I found that the bond was still relatively hard, probably because of the glue, it was obviously much harder than other places, but it was still very strong and did not crack! See figure below~

The result is still very good, the price of glue is not expensive, and it is quite effective, I don’t know if it is waterproof or not, you can try it when you have the opportunity