How to choose a cotton quilt cover? Don’t let fakes blind you

When buyers spin, they can always hear merchants say that this guarantee is 100% pure cotton, and pure cotton has become a kind of wind vane and is unanimously sought after by consumers. Pure cotton has good comfort, moisture absorption, heat preservation, hygiene, etc., which does provide a guarantee for health, and it is understandable that cotton home textile products have become the first choice in the home textile market. So everyone has never grown cotton, how can you choose a genuine cotton quilt?

Cotton quilt cover is cotton through a series of textile process made of bedding, different bedding cotton content different prices will be different, generally speaking, cotton content of more than 75% is identified as pure cotton products. Cotton bedding can effectively keep warm, sleeping in the quilt winter makes people feel warm, and cotton fiber is a natural fiber, no side effects on the skin, very hygienic, and compared to other fabrics of quilt covers, cotton quilt cover processing technology is diverse, the role of raw materials will not have a negative impact, the processed cotton quilt cover cloth is soft, delicate feeling, full of luster.

Due to the desire for profit of the business, may add other ingredients to the process of making pure cotton products, so that the cotton content of the product is greatly reduced, but eventually deceive consumers to sell at the price of pure cotton products, from which to obtain profits, so we should not be greedy for cheap when buying pure cotton bedding, and pay attention to its identification and distinction.

Identification method of cotton quilt cover:

1. When buying a cotton quilt cover, first touch it with your hand, feel whether it is soft and whether the moisture on the hand is adsorbed a little, and then gently pull the mask with your hand to see the degree of elasticity and folds, if the elasticity is good, not easy to wrinkle then it may not be pure cotton, if you can pinch the fabric with your hand, if there are obvious folds cut is not easy to recover then it should be pure cotton.

2. Secondly, smell whether there is a smell, especially the pattern and pattern, if there is a smell, it may be caused by the chemical fiber content is higher than the pure cotton content, and more chemical fiber components will lead to dye accumulation and full of chemical odor.

3. Then look at whether the cover is delicate and uniform, good cotton bedding is relatively uniform, and you can see the short and straight fiber fine hair on the fabric, if it is curved and long fiber hair, then it may contain a lot of chemical fiber components.

4. Finally, pick it up and weigh the weight, the weight of pure cotton products is generally heavier than other materials, giving people a thick feeling.

If you still don’t know how to identify the cotton quilt cover, you can try to choose a brand home textile with a good reputation, such as Fuana Home Textile, Mengjie Home Textile, Mercury Home Textile, Yalan Home Textile, Violet Home Textile, Hengyuanxiang Home Textile, etc. are trustworthy brands. If you want to buy cotton home textiles, you can’t be cheap, cotton home textiles will be more expensive than home textiles of other materials.

Cotton quilt cover not only to have comfort, but also as part of the bedroom environment, but also to be beautiful and harmonious, everyone should pay attention to the overall style of the bedroom when buying it, such as pastoral style bedroom can choose broken flower pattern cotton quilt cover, Mediterranean style bedroom choose blue and white striped style.