Autumn and winter refuse to be bloated, show off your little sexiness with a slim knit skirt, and wear it alone

Many girls said that they would not choose to try slim models in their daily outfits

Knitted dress

, This is because this skirt is not very easy to control, first of all, in the shape are mainly slim model,

A slim fashion item.

Generally, the requirements for the figure will be very high, if the body is not perfect girls to wear this fashion item, it is easy to put some of their own figure

Defect exposure

Come out, so you can also understand this kind of girls

Resistance psychology.


Slim fit

The knitted skirt isn’t very hard to match if you’re good at some

Pairing skills

, will choose different shapes to decorate themselves, will find that it is not difficult to match. So autumn and winter refuse to be bloated and show off yours with a slim knit skirt

Small sexy

, suitable for wearing the underwear alone.

Single product advantages

Highlight femininity

In fact, there are two kinds of girls’ figures, that is, straight and curved, many people do not know what it means when they hear such a term, the so-called

Curvy body

, is in the eyes of the public

S-shaped body

, a girl of this figure, the appearance always looks graceful


And the straight body of the girl, that is, the overall body does not have a clear sense of curve, the waist-hip ratio is not prominent, and the final figure presented lacks female beauty, but the slim model

Knitted skirt

, Even if a straight girl wears it, the figure will change


, because the knitted fabric itself is grained


So visually it will be figured

Curve amplification

, visually will create the illusion of obvious curves, so that girls with straight bodies can also become after wearing them

Very feminine.

So the slim knitted skirt can be highlighted


A fashion item.

Versatile, stylish and high-class

In addition to highlighting the femininity of the outfit, the slim skirt is also a kind

Comparative versatility

Many girls think that slim skirts are already in shape

Not dominant,

Keep a lot of people out.

But it is undeniable that the slim knitted skirt is indeed a versatile and fashionable fashion item, except for the fit

, other fit details are

There are no restrictions on dressing

, most slim knitted skirts, are

Simple color system

Mainly, or some

The base color is dominant.

Therefore, in terms of collocation, it will make the choice of dressing become more, and the slim knitted skirt can be worn as an underwear

Layered underneath

, can also be used as a strong sense of amazement

Outering pieces

, so wearing this fashion item is equivalent to wearing

Kill two birds with one stone.

Add a sense of ritual dressing

Knitted slim skirts can bring more ritual to the outfit, but many people will not find this outfit detail, may wear a loose knitted skirt, the overall outfit is

Casual and stylish.

But wearing a slim knitted dress, then the overall style of dressing is a more ceremonial dressing style, and the skirt of the slim style itself is coming

Modify the female figure.

When these details are infinitely magnified, the overall outfit presents a certain feeling


So the knitted slim skirt can also make the outfit look even more

There is texture.

Slim knitted skirt stylish to match

Look1: Black slim knit dress + polka-dot boots

The reason why it is said that the slim knit dress is a relatively basic fashion item is because most colors are

Black predominantly

, At the same time, the black slim dress can make the overall outfit even more

Appears tall and thin.

For some slightly fat girls, this fashion item is much easier to match, if you feel that the overall black is too monotonous, then look for it from other matching items

sense of breakthrough,

For example, on the basis of such an outfit, you can match a very fashionable one

Polka dot boots

Polka dot fashion elements are


representative elements, and at the same time

Relatively classic

A fashion element.

Such elements added to the outfit will make the overall outfit

Stylish and agile

, will not appear because the whole wears black

Dress too rigidly.

Look2: dark gray knitted skirt + red handbag

In addition to the black version, there are more advanced dark gray styles and dark gray knitted skirts, which make the overall outfit appear more calm and restrained, because dark gray is a sense of premium, the more

Colors with a strong sense of premium

, can give people more outfits

A sense of stability

, This will cause many girls to wear this fashion item, the whole person will involuntarily exude

Old fashioned

In order to make the overall outfit not look old, you can properly match a red handbag as a whole

Conciliatory effect.

Red is one

Very jumpy

The color can attract people’s attention, and the overall outfit appears

Vivid and interesting

, it won’t seem too old-fashioned.

Look3: Gray sweater set + brown belt

Many girls are more in pursuit in dressing

A sense of sophistication

With a sense of quality, gray is a relatively safe color that will not make mistakes in dressing.

But at the same time this color also belongs

Base color

, I want to make the outfit create more

Sense of fashion and premium,

You can properly match some accessories in your outfit, such as matching one


You can try a gray knitted skirt suit in your daily life, if it is all in the overall outfit


, there is no obvious one

High waistline,

Then go and pair one

Brown belt

, not only makes the overall outfit have a clear high waist line

Appear high-show

The role of thinness.

At the same time, both brown and gray are typical

Advanced colors

, the combination of the two colors, will look even more outfit

Sophisticated and stylish.

Look4: Black split knit dress + pointed toe shoes

If the figure is not perfect, even some

Slightly chubby girl

, It is recommended to try a black split knit dress, first of all, black is a relatively thin color, plus split one

Design details

, will make the overall outfit more

Shape the figure

It seems that the legs are even more

Slender and perfect

, but these details are far from enough, you can choose a pointed toe shoe in the choice of shoes, pointed toe shoes can visually elongate the figure, the whole is combined, the effect of thinning and tall will be

It’s even more obvious.

This way of dressing is for girls who are slightly fat

Very practical.

Therefore, in autumn and winter, you should also show off your figure, and wear a suitable slim knit skirt underneath alone, which can be easily exposed


, want your own outfit

More textured

, just get moving.

Slim fit