The wisdom “Human Dao” in the I Ching is forty-four Ze Tianjian

The forty-third trigram of the I Ching: Ze Tian 夬卦.

Excalibur Lessons

The elephant of loss before profit

The overflow of the water will be decided, and the one who is in the dredgé will decide, and the one who will be decided, will be decided. In terms of the trigram body, if it is dry up and down, and the gathering of water is high to the top, it will collapse also. If the five yangs are below, the yang is long and the yin will retreat, and there are all the yangs determined to remove the image of one yin, so in the human way, then this is the gentleman’s way, and the little man disappears.

The human way

夬: Yang in the royal court, Fu number, you are powerful.

The way of the dream, in the decline of the villain, the gentleman will be shown in the public court, so that people will understand good and evil, so it will be promoted in the royal court. At this time, he who respects the people and sincerely orders the people, so that the people may be warned, and they will be prepared for danger in peace, and they will be wary at any time, and there will be no future troubles.

If you are supplied, the disadvantage is the rong, and the benefit is very important.

The way of the dream can be the most good, and there will be no force, starting from self-cultivation, and after the Qi family, you can govern the country and serve the people with the way, so that you can go forward.

Yi Yu: 夬, decisive, rigid and soft. Speak and reconcile.

The five yangs go to one yin, and the lower health is happy and the upper is happy, but because of the health it is able to please, and it can be reconciled, and this determines the supreme goodness of the path.

Yang in the royal court, soft riding five gangya. The Fu is powerful, and its danger is also light.

Yin dwells in the yang, this is not right, and the gentleman should go to it, and let his sins be praised in the public court, so that the people may know good and evil. Lead the people with sincerity and sincerity, so that they can guard against fear and prevent danger, and the way of a gentleman can show its great strength.

If you tell yourself, the unfavorable is the rong, and the still is poor. The benefits are important, and the long is the end.

At the time of death, you must not take the martial arts by force, you must start from the place of cultivation itself, in order to advance the masculine path of the great gentleman, and when the right path is just right, you must not leave a miserly way, and this just enter to the end can be auspicious.

Symbol: Ze is above the sky, 夬, the gentleman is Shilu and below, and the virtue is taboo.

The gathering of water is above the heavens, for the image of the dream, it will ultimately be determined by the above, and the irrigation is below, and the gentleman observes the heavens, so he knows that he will give to the world, and the people will turn to it, and when he is in peace, he knows that he must guard against it, and there is no danger of collapse.

Junior Nine: Strong on the front toe, to blame for the invincible.

In the lower strong person, when the decision is made, he will forcibly enter the execution, and if the execution is hindered and fails, he will be decisive, so before everything is moved, he must refrain from dryness, and prepare for the worst, before he can advance.

Like: Invincible, blameless.

A gentleman’s deeds must be measured and advanced, and if he knows what cannot be done, he will be blamed. The villain has no such commandment, and does not measure his strength, and the result is self-inflicted.

Ninety-two: Ti number, Mo Ye Yourong, don’t shirt.

When a gentleman goes to the villain, he must be on guard and not slacken for a while, so that even if there is a war at night, he will not be shocked.

Like: If you have a shirt, you have to be in the middle way.

There are wars at night, and they are not alarmed, but because they are good in their own dealings, they can walk the middle way, and they know what to guard against fear, so those who learn easy will know the times and the situation.

Ninety-three: Strong and fierce. A gentleman is in trouble, walking alone in the rain, and if he is stunned, he is not to blame.

Ninety-three are in the phase, there is a king, but it is just decisive, and this decision is a self-appointed decision, and it will not be in line with the king’s will, but it will invite evil. Therefore, when a gentleman lives in a dream, the way of knowing oneself will be long, and the way of the villain will disappear, and he will not be alone with the villain, and his face will be stunned, and he will be blameless. Now everyone thinks that they are important, and when they see the evil of man, no matter what the cause is, he will give support, and this manifestation of foolishness makes the villain succeed, and he does not know how to repent, but he is more prosperous, and the cause of this calamity is the cause of man’s foolishness.

Elephant: A gentleman is not to blame in the end.

The decision must be in line with righteousness, the gentleman will be decisive at the time of decision, and he will not be blamed in the end, ordinary people must be abstained, and it is a good policy not to make a decision before the situation is unknown, and must not be decided by what you like, and you will harm others.

Ninety-four: The buttocks have no skin, and their actions are secondary, and they lead the sheep to repent, and they do not believe when they hear them.

The yang dwells in the yin position, which shows the sins of those who are rigid and deficient, and when masculinity is clear, if their own results are insufficient, they will invite restlessness, and it will be difficult to walk, and if they can practice the herd characteristics of the flock, they will have no regrets, but those who are rigid and deficient will make them soft and soft, and they will not be able to do so, so they will be told that their nature is such that they cannot be trusted. Since ancient times, those who know can change, know good and use, and deny their own desires, those who can be like this can only be done by those who are just understood.

Like: its line order and, the position is not appropriate; If you don’t believe it, you don’t know it.

This act is hindered and suffered, and the person in the position is unfit for his position. The words of righteousness are not believed, because they are not able to hear.

Ninth Five: Amaranth Lu 夬夬夬, BOC is not to blame.

The king is the lord of decisions, and when he dwells, he will make a decision, so that he can go to the way of villains, and hold the way of righteousness, and there will be no disaster.

Like: Zhong Xing is not blamed, Zhong Wei Guang is also.

People can center their sincerity and will be decisive, but all human hearts have selfish desires, and once selfish desires are involved, they must not be able to shine the middle way.

On the sixth: no number, there is finally murder.

When this yin is about to end, the gentleman’s way is revealed, and the little man will disappear, but it is better than the gentleman’s way Fangji, otherwise even if you are not afraid, you will eventually be murdered.

Elephant: The murderer without a trumpet cannot last long.

If the person is afraid, but still invites the evil, this way will not be long after, so the gentleman thinks of the way of the villain, not to kill the villain.