How to wear a thick jacket in autumn and winter? A plush denim jacket with skinny jeans keeps you warm and airy

For the little sister who doesn’t want to buy a coat too much, the favorite thing in late autumn and early winter is the thick coat, so how do we wear it to make the thick coat taste? Come with me to see how you can wear a thick coat! Take you to feel the charm of the thick jacket, and let this autumn and winter show a different beauty besides the coat and down jacket.

1: White short sleeves + gray hooded sweatshirt + blue skinny jeans + blue plush thick jeans.

For the little sister who likes sports, the coat is really not in line with the style, so you have to consider more thick coats, in recent years, short hairproof jackets are very popular with young sisters, but that is not too atmospheric, to exercise slowly and atmospheric Or you have to choose a thick coat, integrate your own style into the outfit. How to wear a thick jacket in autumn and winter? A plush denim jacket with skinny jeans keeps you warm and airy.

This set of matching is more complicated, the clothes are more set, but it is much clearer and clearer separately, white short sleeves with gray simple pattern hooded sweatshirt, the two short sleeves to be longer, just exposed a layer of two finger-wide tail, to add a layer of decoration to the gray sweatshirt, will look better, and the pattern on the chest reduces the sense of blankness and adds a sense of youth.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the blue velvet thick denim coat, does it feel very good, the micro lapels make the clothes have their own collar, loose design, full of sportiness, the white appearance inside looks warm and comfortable, dark blue also makes jeans very attractive, is a very good thick coat.

In order to be consistent with the coat, the lower body is paired with dark blue jeans, which just matches the coat, tightly reflecting the thin legs, and it is also convenient to match the boots under the feet, showing a different late autumn charm, but also brings warmth, the little sister who likes the sports style may wish to try this quickly to see if it is satisfactory.

2: Blue half zip sweatshirt + blue distressed jeans + black thick coat.

The half-zipper sweatshirt is actually more sporty than the long sweatshirt, and the blue with a dot pattern is also a sign of youth, with blue distressed jeans, the slight width of the legs, bringing a little loose taste, but also adding a touch of maturity, so that the sporty style and mature atmosphere fused, more aura.

Black thick coat, slightly cotton lining, make people feel warm, zipper lining is brown, brown with black, in the color are darker colors, with blue sweatshirt, does not affect at all, is an excellent choice for late autumn, like it is still worth trying!

3: Blue shirt + blue straight jeans + white cotton jacket.

Compared with the first two, this is not so sporty, slightly quieter, and will be more popular with young ladies, this style is indeed very pleasing, for small sisters, the look is more beautiful little sister is a very friendly match, we can also try.

Blue shirt with blue straight-leg jeans, the color is consistent, the darker color brings a cooler aura, and blue straight-leg jeans, the legs are not very wide, keep at a more trimmed width, the legs will not appear wide defects, matching is to unify the upper and lower colors and perfect ending.

With a white thick coat, it seems to have another taste, the inside is more imposing, but this white thick coat is very gentle, seems to bring the softness of the autumn breeze, the small pattern on the sleeve of the left hand and the top bag on the right adds a touch of embellishment, and just the right softness.

4: Navy blue zipper lapel sweatshirt + white and cyan slacks.

This navy blue sweatshirt, the sense of sport is still full, the looser design makes the clothes a little fat, but also a little cute, the hand can be gently tucked into the sleeves, the neckline is turned up is the lapel, pulled up is the high neck, and the simple number on the left chest also reflects its daily simplicity.

With white and cyan casual pants, in fact, there will not be much contrast in the color, if it is pure white, white may be particularly conspicuous, but when it is white and cyan, it is slightly darker, and casual pants are loose and comfortable, which is also a good daily wear.

Daily with daily, in order to reflect the daily life vividly, the sense of relaxation brings a sense of laziness, and because it is a sports style, it is a lazy sports style, and the feeling of being at the two extremes is mixed together, in fact, it is quite good, bringing a sense of idle youthful vitality.

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