Cheng Xiao, Chen Xiaoling, and Ren Min chose a blouse to wear, which was cool and fashionable, and the concave shape was also suitable

Summer is the season for women to show their beauty, and young girls choose to show their legs by showing their legs, and using skirts to show their temperament beauty.

For summer, if you want to ensure “beauty”, you also need a clothing with a cooling effect, which can not only achieve a certain sense of freshness in the visual effect, but also look like it will not have a stuffy feeling.

Cheng Xiao, Chen Xiaoling, Ren Min chose a blouse to wear, cool and fashionable, concave shape is also suitable, the blouse is cool and breathable, very fashionable and attractive, young girls love it.

I have to say,

Blouse pieces

It is indispensable for summer clothing. Take advantage of it at the same time

Light and breathable fabric features

As well as the diversity of styles, it is enough to show different styles of dressing, and there is a certain ability to shape the charm of personal image.

Choice of blouse pieces

White long-sleeved blouse

For blouses, it can usually be divided into two forms, one is:

Crewneck style top

, the other is

Zipper-style sunscreen clothing

Among them, for the crewneck style of the blouse, the style is simple, and it has a versatile and fashionable charm in terms of visual effect.

Fabric characteristics

Choose a blouse garment and take advantage of the lightness and breathability of its fabric to achieve one

The effect of perspective

, showing a looming feeling of the state of the skin.

Therefore, the choice of blouse clothing also requires the selection of underwear, for example,

Sports vest

Or is it

Baneau suspenders

, are good choices.

The way the two pieces are matched can further show the sense of layering and enrich the personal image charm, among which, in the summer season, using black clothing for dressing will inevitably have a feeling of heat absorption and dullness.

Micro horn design

Therefore, in contrast

White clothing has a cooler experience

At the same time, the clean and refreshing charm of white can also achieve a certain age-reducing effect, showing youthful vitality, using white blouse clothing to match, showing a slightly flared style at the cuffs.

The micro-flared sleeve design makes it easy to define the arm line

, showing a more slender state. At the same time, the white blouse creates a style of open navel above the navel, and can be raised by the waist line and the division of body proportions.

It shows a golden ratio of three and seven points

, so you can enlarge your body charm and body characteristics.

Wear yours with high-waisted jeans

At the same time, choose high-waisted jeans for wearing, and you can further show off your figure. At the same time, loose jeans have a certain casual charm, do not wear tight, and have a certain ability to present a sense of style. Add to

Hole elements

The design can better show the fashionable attractiveness, enrich the personal shape, and achieve a certain youthful vitality and flamboyant personality charm.

Blouse pieces are recommended

White off-the-shoulder blouse

For blouse clothing, it is a kind of adherence

A refreshing experience

Choosing a light and breathable style or directly creating a cool feeling of clothing can fully show the charm of it, so choosing an off-the-shoulder knitted top is also a good choice.

On knitted tops,

Large knitted cutout effect

, the permeability is relatively strong, which is conducive to creating a refreshing experience, while creating an open shoulder at the shoulder position, which is enough to show the line of the collarbone and shoulders. One of the off-the-shoulder forms has a certain ability to modify women with imperfect upper body shapes, and it is very easy to control, without the slightest sense of violation.

At the same time, choose one on the collocation

Clothing pieces in bright colors

Make matches, for example,

Lake-green shorts are paired with a white off-the-shoulder blouse

。 The form of the shorts is more conducive to creating the line of the legs, showing a slender state, and at the same time, the color effect of white and lake green in the color effect looks more fresh and bright.

White sportswear blouse

For blouse clothing, different styles have different styles to show. Among them, choose a sporty style of blouse clothing, which is more casual and comfortable when wearing.

At the same time, a long-sleeved sports top. still

It has a certain sunscreen effect

, the upper body figure is hidden to a certain extent, avoiding the risk of tanning.

And create a loose cuff design that adds a playful cuteness. On the bodice and sleeves, striped elements collide with the richness of color.

For example

Yellow and gray

The stripes in two colors are a good choice, adding a chic charm to the outfit without looking fancy.

At the same time, choose denim shorts and sports-style blouse tops to match, and can better show the charm of casual and comfortable wear, simple and relaxed clothing items can also play a rich role in styling.

If you want to wear summer clothes more attractively, choose a blouse, simple and attractive, girls who like fashionable clothes should choose quickly!