The queen brand “pearl balm” series, herbal skin care, give beauty the foundation

Every year in winter, girls who pay attention to skin care have a problem, winter is too dry, there are many skin problems: fragile and dry, rough skin, lack of water and dullness, and so on. The first thing we think of in this situation is to apply a cream, so that the moisturizing effect comes faster.

So how to choose the “face cream” in autumn and winter? We know that both dry and oily skin will experience dry and dehydrated symptoms in winter. Dry skin is more sensitive and has a more obvious response to hot and cold changes, so it is recommended that people with dry skin choose mild and moist products for moisturizing, which helps to improve the skin barrier; Oily skin will also have some dryness in winter, especially indoor with heating and air conditioning, and it is recommended to choose some gentle moisturizing products.

Especially in a period of early winter, when the temperature drops sharply and the skin barrier is more likely to be damaged, it is not advisable to choose skin care products that are too irritating, but to gently moisturize. Try the Queen brand pearl balm series, the right way to open herbs, whitening and moisturizing, and gentle moisturizing in autumn and winter, this is it!

Classic word-of-mouth model: Queen brand piece Zixi pearl balm

This “small porcelain bottle” is too classic and has been popular for 40 years. It is a precious memory of the 80s of the last century in China, and it is still a hit, becoming a regular skin care product for generations of dressers. This small porcelain bottle pearl paste contains ingredients such as precious pieces and pearl extract, which combine the four skin care effects of moisturizing, moisturizing, soothing and maintaining stability. Use in winter to moisturize, soften and leave skin delicate.

Upgrade Hit: Queen Piece Pearl Balm (Platinum Level)

This platinum pearl balm is an upgrade of the efficacy of the “small porcelain bottle” pearl balm, the formula is added with ceramides, phytosterol extract, Lipochroman-6, as well as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, white pond seed oil and many other luxurious ingredients, which combine hydration, soothing, anti-wrinkle, firming and other multiple effects, so that the skin is supple and plump, giving the skin a better luxury. It hydrates and moisturizes in autumn and winter, effortlessly banishes dryness and fine lines and wrinkles, and maintains elastic and tender skin.

Spot removal boutique: Queen brand whitening cream

If your skin is dull and blemish-heavy, then this Queen Whitening Cream must be a whitening product you should not miss. Infused with a combination of Matsutake Mushroom Extract (Matsutake mushroom extract), tranexamic acid, Coenzyme Q10, Panax notoginseng saponins, artificial bezoar, etc., this whitening cream reduces excessive pigmentation, pigmentation and stain formation, helps to say goodbye to dullness, brighten skin tone, whiten spots and witness the brightening power of the skin.

It is worth mentioning that the queen brand announced two new endorsements this year – Chen Shu and Bailu, and two representatives of oriental temperament women endorsed queen products, which further deepened and consolidated consumers’ memories of products.

Chen Shu, intellectual elegance, wisdom and beauty; White deer, flexible and playful, gentle and sweet, both spokespersons have oriental aesthetic temperament. The queen brand pearl paste series, carrying herbal skin care formula, rejuvenates the charm of the Orient, the product connotation is deeply consistent with the temperament of the spokesperson, and works together to interpret the beauty of the Orient.

Over the years, the Queen brand has inherited the concept of herbal skin care and has gradually become the representative of classic domestic products in people’s hearts. Oriental beauty, classic forever, skin care choose the queen brand pearl paste series, be a beauty in time, be the “queen” in life.