If you don’t understand leather boots, don’t mess around! Ultra-detailed “leather boots matching” dry goods, whoever sees it will praise it as good-looking

Good day~

When it cools down, it’s the perfect time for leather boots to show off their skills.

This year, the popularity of leather boots is still no surprise, but the styles of leather boots have diversified,

You’ll find that many leather boots this year have added elements such as studs, pearls, glitter, etc.

But when it comes to “classic versatility”, it is still a basic leather boot with a simple design,

Its style will switch according to your dressing style,

Matching different clothes will produce completely different style effects and give people different feelings.

About leather boots that never go out of style

Are there future-proof leather boots? The fashion of leather boots is divided into different directions, but the “basics” are the basis of all changes.

You’ll find that Martin boots from


year was born, and it has been


years of history, while Chelsea boots are much earlier, from


It became popular, and it is still enough



Although the style of leather boots changes slightly every year, they are already ingrained in the fashion genes.

Basic leather boots that last a long time.

Every time they buy leather boots, everyone wants to wear them longer,

But even if there are timeless leather boots, it is not easy to wear a pair of leather boots for 10 years.

If we can rationally choose a leather boot that we really like,

From the time I buy clothes, I love each style, cherish each dress, and every time I wear it, it is a wonderful enjoyment, and the more I wear it, the more I like it.

Even if the clothes are expensive, the price-performance ratio will gradually increase with the use time.

So that we don’t buy cheap clothes on impulse and immediately forget about them.

Today, let’s talk about it together

About the secret of “a pair of leather boots worn for 10 years”

For leather boots, wearing them for a long time is really just one thing.

If a pair of leather boots can be worn for a long time, but it is no longer popular, its practicality will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, will

“Wear it for a long time”



Combining is the key to a pair of leather boots that can last for 10 years.

This issue covers the following:

(1) Selection of leather boots style (barrel length, heel, toe)

(2) Quality identification of leather boots (leather, insole, outsole)

(3) Daily maintenance of leather boots

First, popular long-term looking style

1. Short-barreled block heeled leather boots

Leather boots are leather boot styles with a length near the ankle,

In the big family of short leather boots, the design of the heel is different, and different styles will be worn.

The thicker the heel, the stronger its sense of leisure, in contrast, the thinner the heel, the weaker its sense of leisure and the stronger its sense of sophistication.

The block heeled boots are very versatile and classic,

If you want to wear it for a long time, a simple and elegant design style is the best choice.

Seemingly simple boots can create many fashionable looks,

Whether it’s a trench coat, coat, down jacket, pants or skirt, short-legged block heeled leather boots can be perfectly handled.

Short-barreled Chelsea boots catch a pop every year and are the best proof of the permanent popularity of short-barreled block heeled leather boots.

Simple shoes without the slightest complicated design,

Low heel, round toe, no laces, the sides of the shoe are tightened by elastic bands,

Not to mention that the elastic band itself also has a great decorative effect,

Such short-barreled block heeled leather boots will always be popular.

2. Short-barreled stiletto leather boots

Also belongs to short leather boots, the effect of thin heels and thick heels is very different,

Short-heeled skinny leather boots make it easier to create a refined feminine feel.

Short-heeled skinny leather boots are perfect for wearing with skirts,

This combination can inspire the ultimate elegance of women, and the design of the thin heel also has a great finishing effect on the leg line.

Short-heeled skinny leather boots paired with casual wear create a clever mix-and-match effect,

For example, with jeans, wide-leg pants, with its addition, casual wear will add a lot of elegant and gentle femininity.

Short-heeled leather boots are also very suitable for formal occasions,

Matching with a suit makes it more feminine in the workplace.

3. Mid-tube leather boots

Mid-tube leather boots are leather boot styles that are between the ankle and calf, between short boots and high boots.

There are also a variety of styles of leather boots with such boots, such as the mid-barrel Chelsea boots,

These leather boots have a strong sense of casualness, and are more suitable for pairing with some casual wear to create a comfortable and casual style effect for everyday life.

Mid-tube boots keep warm better than short boots,

With it, many of your cropped pants and skirts will still have a chance to play in winter.

Such as this group

Cropped jeans + off-white mid-tube boots


The two are very cleverly connected in length.

It looks warm, comfortable and delicate, and the style is casual and casual with an elegant and chic effect.

It should be noted that

Mid-tube leather boots have a length between the ankle and the calf, so the line of the calf can only be partially wrapped.

If you choose a calf-bare outfit like cropped pants or skirts, it will automatically focus people’s attention on your calf part.

If the calves are thick, it is actually difficult to wear a thin effect.

But this does not mean that thick calves are not suitable for medium boots.

For girls with thick calves, I recommend this type of mid-tube boots + wide-leg trousers.

The wide-leg trouser shape will subtly create a visual effect of defining the leg shape, and pair the foot with mid-tube boots to tighten the legs,

This shape makes your legs look thin and straight.

PS: Here, we have to pay attention to the material of the wide-leg pants,

Thick denim material makes it difficult to tighten the legs,

Choosing this kind of soft and smooth trouser fabric is easier to achieve the desired effect.

4. High leather boots

High boots are leather boots that are knee-length or above,

High boots are a stylish style of leather boots,

It’s a perfect mix and match, and it’s easy to wear it chic.

If the cuff of the high boots is slimmer, it is more suitable for matching with slim pants style.

With high boots, cropped pants and short skirts, you can win the opportunity to play in winter,

It is important to deal with the connection between the two in length.

High boots with loose boots are more versatile in style, and they are not picky about pants,

And it can well modify the effect of leg shape,

Wear it and your legs will appear straight and slender.

Whether it’s wide-leg pants or slim-fit pants, it’s easy to navigate and make your fashion look effortless.

If your high boots have enough loose cuffs, it’s also a good idea to pair them with appropriately loose trousers.

A tightened cuff will always add layers to your overall look. The style is fashionable and high-class, but there is no lack of elegant and casual femininity, giving people a feeling of being very good at wearing.

The mix and match combination of high boots + long skirt is subtle,

Long skirts are the most attractive style, with the addition of high boots, the overall outfit is elegant and exquisite while more likely to be true.

It adds a touch of personality to the original elegant and gentle look.

Even long dresses made of light and thin materials in summer, with the addition of high boots, we can still handle them in winter.

The biggest advantage of this type of shape is that it does not pick the leg shape,

Like the thighs and waist can be effectively modified,

This mix and match makes your fashion look chic.

5. Toe cap of leather boots

For leather boots, in addition to the heel, the toe cap will also determine its style direction.

The sharper the toe of the leather boots, the more delicate the style, the stronger the sense of formality, suitable for matching more formal clothing such as suits;

The rounder the toe cap of the leather boots, the more casual the style and the weaker the sense of formality, so they are suitable for everyday casual styles.

In addition, smooth square-scalp boots have also become very popular in recent years.

The style of square scalp boots is more distinctive, it is more suitable for all kinds of retro style wear.

Second, wear for a long time to see the quality

Full leather boots are the best.

Genuine leather is not easy to deform, waterproof and breathable, warm and comfortable, combined better than any artificial material.

A pair of leather boots to

Cephalic skin

For the best, on

The glossy surface and pores of the face are formed on the skin itself,

So the breathability is good, the ductility is good, and it is comfortable to wear,

Under the premise of proper care, it will take much longer to wear.

The sole is not strong, and the most important thing is that it is comfortable to wear.

The better the boot, the higher the requirements for the hardness of the sole,

Good boots not only have a good outsole, but also pay attention to handwork and fabric.

The outsole is in direct contact with the ground,

Therefore, thick wear-resistant, anti-slip shock absorption is the most critical.

3. Ten years like new in maintenance

In order to extend the life of your boots, careful care is indispensable.

This kind of maintenance is not only about taking care of it, but also about taking care of it during daily wear.

If it rains or is likely to rain, try not to wear leather boots when going out.

If leather boots are to be stored, they must be put into the last and then carefully maintained and stored.

The last can effectively prevent the upper from collapsing, and can support the leather boots full.

Help us repair the wrinkles on the upper of our leather boots due to wear.

Let the folds concentrated at the upper unfold, effectively prolonging the life of the shoes, so that the next time we wear them, the leather boots are still very new.

After putting on my leather boots, I carefully treat dirt and scratches on my shoes with shoe polish.

There are different models of shoe brushes that need to be used differently.

Use a large shoe brush when cleaning the whole and a small shoe brush when working with details.

A good pair of leather boots does not need to be overly complicated design, and the classic basic model has been popular for the longest time.

of boots

The size is suitable, thick and wear-resistant, non-slip and shockproof

Can make us dress comfortably.

Daily careful maintenance and storage are necessary,

Boots will look like new even after wearing them for a long time.

In this way, they can all be worn for at least ten years.