Wu Zun’s daughter made a stunning appearance, wearing a tutu and transforming into a little swan

There are many star children in the entertainment industry who are not only outstanding in appearance but also versatile, among which the one that impressed me the most was Wu Zun’s daughter, the little princess NeiNei is not only a great figure but also more and more beautiful, and her parent-child outfit with her father is also a beautiful landscape!

We can choose bright colors in the choice of clothing, adults can refer to Wu Zun’s matching, dark blue cartoon short sleeves, white baseball shirt jacket collar cleverly use red and black, simple white straight 8-point pants, showing long legs holding cartoon dolls, strength pet dolls! NeiNie on the side is wearing pink tender, pink print short sleeves, skinny denim cropped pants, and cartoon stickers on the jeans to increase the sense of childhood, carrying a pink doll bag, this long and straight legs, Xiaofen looks like eating “lemon”

Xiaofen has a small Tips: if you feel that your or your child’s jeopards, coats, and bags are relatively monotonous, you can match them with a variety of different stickers, which is also a small highlight that is visually richer.

Ballet is a very worthy hobby, NeiNei began to learn ballet at a young age, and recently participated in international competitions, wearing beautiful tutulets and crowns to transform into little swans, showing excellent dance.

She is not only the youngest but also the first to play, although the final ranking is not satisfactory, but also left tears of loss, causing netizens to feel distressed and said: Little princess don’t be sad, you are our pride! But Wu Zun’s words were very beneficial, he said that it is not a bad thing to let his daughter feel the feeling of failure by herself, let her understand that the process is actually more important than the result, which is the father’s example.

Sporty white hooded sweatshirt, with exaggerated graffiti pattern, Wu Zun: A person who wears black leather pants out of a sense of premium, don’t try leather pants without a good figure, because you will wear the feeling of Mr. Tony, NeiNei’s outfit echoes with dad, printed short-sleeved simple cotton gray sweatpants, black sneakers with a bright smile.

NeiNei also has a younger brother Max is also a little handsome guy, they often cruise with their parents, this summer sibling outfit is fresh and bright, Max wears black letter print short sleeves, two-sided sports pants, red pentagram and black pentagram stitching, like a hip-hop teenager, sister wears a yellow graffiti dress, the color saturation of this dress is very high, the design of a large area of cartoon pattern puffy skirt, forming a beautiful landscape in the blue sea and blue sky.

They didn’t go to Europe less, Max wore blue playful short sleeves, blue striped sweater and short sleeves echoed each other, exaggerated big red sweatpants and a handsome navy hat, NeiNei was a white ink painting dress with a black small sweater, a long skirt with white knit pants, both warm and fresh, and a pink bowler hat to show a gentle temperament.

Wu Zun brought me the feeling of a creamy boy, and Lin Zhiying is a “frozen age” male god! It is also from his participation in “Where Is Daddy Going” that he is a very careful pet girl maniac, and the method of educating his daughter is also worth learning, and he and his wife are first loves, and they go hand in hand along the way, and they are a very good husband and father! Known as the new generation of “father-in-law of the country”

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Source: Hou Xiufang

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