Food window startled rats walking Ziyan Barilla chicken was placed on file for investigation by the market supervision department

The franchised stores of the well-known delicatessen chain “Ziyan Barilla Chicken” were recently reported by consumers for rat infestation, and the local market supervision department has opened a case for investigation.

Franchise stores proliferate, control can’t keep up?

On the evening of September 12, consumer Ms. Wang passed by the Ziyan Barilla Chicken Huguang Road store, found rats in the store’s food window, and immediately took a video with her mobile phone and called the 12345 citizen hotline to report the situation.

On September 14, after receiving the complaint, the local market supervision department rushed to the store to check as soon as possible, and found that the store had a complete license and no rat infestation was found on the scene, but the information on the store’s health examination status form was only updated to September 11.

The market supervision department ordered the store to immediately rectify, carry out a comprehensive sanitize, and contact a third-party institution to carry out rodent extermination operations. The regulatory authorities also interviewed business operators and asked them to earnestly fulfill their food safety management responsibilities.

The store manager said that after understanding the relevant situation, the store was cleaned and disinfected, and she did not know where the rats came from, and would call the store to monitor to find the cause.

The head of the marketing department in the area where Ziyan Barilla Chicken Huguang Road store is located said that the store will immediately close for rectification, sanitize the entire environment and renovate.

According to data from the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity Platform, Huhui Food Business Department (Ziyan Baiwei Chicken Huguang Road Store) in Minhang District, Shanghai is an individual industrial and commercial enterprise, registered on August 6, 2020, and its business scope is food sales.

According to the data of the Tianyancha platform, “Ziyan Barilla Chicken” belongs to Shanghai Ziyan Food Co., Ltd., established in June 2000 with a registered capital of 370 million yuan, and its business scope includes food production and food operation. The largest shareholder of the company is Ningguochuanqin Enterprise Management Consulting Service Partnership (Limited Partnership).

Ziyan Barilla Chicken, which originated in Nanjing, has accelerated its expansion in recent years, and the number of stores nationwide has exceeded 4,300. The data shows that Shanghai Ziyan Food Co., Ltd. has invested more than 40 companies abroad (of which more than 20 companies have been cancelled), and has actual control over more than 80 companies through indirect shareholding.

In July this year, Shanghai Ziyan Food Co., Ltd. submitted an IPO prospectus, which is likely to become the fourth share of Hawu after Juwei, Zhou Black Duck and Huang Shanghuang.

According to incomplete statistics, Ziyan Barilla Chicken has 134 branches, of which only 11 branches are in existence, and more than 120 branches have been cancelled. It can be seen that the rapid expansion of “Ziyan Barilla Chicken” in recent years is mainly through joining and opening stores, which increases the risk of food safety problems caused by poor control.

According to the publicly available administrative penalty information, Shanghai Zihao Food Co., Ltd., the investment company of “Ziyan Barilla Chicken”, was fined 5,000 yuan for “false publicity”, and the relevant products sold in the Ziyan food flagship store on Tmall Mall advertised that there were no food additives, but the ingredient list of the actual sold goods contained food additives such as sodium deoxyacetate and sodium nitrite. In addition, Shanghai Ziyan Food Co., Ltd. Youyi Road Store was punished for metering violations.

It is not difficult to prevent rats from “walking”

In recent years, it is not uncommon for rats to be spotted in food establishments.

On the evening of May 22, 2017, some netizens broke the news that they were buying drinks at the Family Mart convenience store at Nanjing West Road Station of Shanghai Metro Line 2 and found a big mouse next to the box lunch on the display case.

Jing’an District Aiwei Office, Jing’an District Market Supervision Bureau and other regulatory departments immediately visited the door, ordered the store to remove the contaminated food, and carried out anti-rat disinfection work.

After the incident, the family responded on May 24, saying that it had ordered the store to close for rectification as soon as possible. Family Families said that it has its own management system for the hygiene and cleanliness of stores, including water quality monitoring, commodity monitoring, etc., and the food safety department within the family will regularly conduct all-round inspections of each store.

However, this so-called hygiene management system did not prevent the ingress of rats.

On November 17, 2020, due to rat activity in the restaurant, Charris’ Xuhui Bailian store was exposed by customers.

In the video taken by customers, a mouse climbs into the decorative birdcage inside the restaurant and then jumps to the lattice between the sofas in the dining area to “take a walk”. The video also shows the cries of some customers, who find the rats and quickly flee their seats.

The Xuhui District Market Supervision Bureau immediately organized law enforcement personnel to inspect the scene, found that the ceiling of the unit’s business premises was defective, and the biological pest protection measures were not in place, and ordered the unit to immediately rectify, carry out a comprehensive sanitize, and contact a third-party institution to carry out rodent extermination operations.

In the interview, the reporter found that for the “patronization” of rats in the store, the operator often has various “grievances”, such as complaining that the store is located in an underground space such as a subway station, and it is difficult to prevent rats from breaking in in an open environment; Another example is the aging of facilities such as the sewage pipe network around the store, which has become a channel for rats and pests.

These operators have not deeply reflected on their shortcomings in food safety, hygiene and epidemic prevention management.

It is worth noting that many operators are in worse environmental conditions than those in trouble, but by purchasing professional third-party pest control services, strictly controlling the potential passages and imports and exports of various pests in the store, or readjusting outdated production and operation facilities and layouts, etc., the pests are effectively kept out.

Industry insiders suggest that the smart supervision measures promoted in the field of food production and operation in Shanghai, such as setting up a monitoring system with image recognition function, can also be adopted by qualified operators, and pests can be captured and disposed of at the first time.

Source: Shangguan News