Do you have a cold or warm complexion? In this way, you can wear jadeite jewelry and you can be more beautiful!

Some time ago, a fan left a message under Xiaocui’s article:

“This is fair skin to wear to look good, my skin is yellow, wearing jadeite is super ugly.”

That’s right, it’s this message that received 33 likes and 7 replies, and it seems that many people have the same troubles as this beauty.

Is it really not suitable for people with not fair skin to wear jadeite?

Fart. Chinese is a yellow race, and the skin color of the overall Chinese people is a little yellow, so you don’t have to worry too much about this matter. You see a lot of celebrities who are very white, and that’s because of makeup, lighting, photographer post-processing, etc.

So it doesn’t matter if your skin color is yellow or not, if you want to be beautiful, you must know how to choose jadeite! Because —

Did you know that emerald is something that picks skin tone?

——Why do some jadeite look obviously very good, but wear it on you and it is dull?

INTERVIEWER Have you ever missed your beloved jadeite because of the color of your skin?

Don’t panic, safflower still needs green leaves,

Jadeite is also picky

。 If you want to buy jadeite that best suits your skin tone, please look down.

Do you have a warm complexion, or a cold complexion?

If you want to know what color of jadeite to match with you, you must first know what skin tone you have. You can know your skin color in the following ways.

If you still don’t understand, look at the example comparison:

baby and Ni Ni are on the same stage, and it can be clearly seen when you compare them,

Pay attention to the thigh color

, baby is warm complexion, Ni Ni is cold complexion.

If the above three methods are difficult to compare the results

So congratulations! You are a jadeite whose skin tone is neutral and suitable for almost all colors.

Generally speaking

Warm skin tones with warm jadeite, cool skin tones with warm jadeite

, there will be a better foiling effect.

The cold and warm colors of jadeite are the same as the color distribution map, which is the color cold and warm distribution map:

Translated into the emerald color system, it is roughly as follows (the style also has a certain relationship):

Cool Jadeite:

Blue water, imperial green jadeite, white ice jadeite, violet jadeite, oil green jadeite

Warm Jadeite:

Red jadeite, yellow jadeite, clear water jadeite, yellow-green jadeite

Jade All Color Collection:

Emerald with skin tone matching tips

In general, the same skin tone is best matched,

People with cool skin tones should wear cool jadeite.

Among them, the dark green jadeite can make people more noble and rich; Violet jadeite gives people a sense of mystery and can also make your skin look whiter and brighter; Blue water jadeite makes you look more connotative and deep; White ice jadeite can make you look fresh, elegant, smooth and idyllic.

Cool violet bracelet:


People with warm skin tones should wear warm jadeite.

Red and yellow jadeite is bright and eye-catching, especially good water, which can cover up some small shortcomings in skin color; Oil green jadeite is more suitable for middle-aged or slightly dark-skinned people, looks more mature and heavy, and is very lining; The yellow-green jadeite looks very fresh and suitable for younger people, making people look vibrant and energetic.

Warm honey yellow jade bracelet

Relatively speaking, people with fair skin have an advantage, and they will not be too obtrusive when they wear jadeite of different colors.

Case analysis

Next, the analysis uses some examples to analyze for everyone, hoping to help you choose satisfactory jade jewelry.



Failure Group:

Huang Shengyi

Huang Shengyi’s makeup and lighting effects that day were all warm, but he chose a string of cold-colored yang green jadeite bead chains. The bead chain is very large in diameter, almost stealing the limelight, appearing dull and dull, and the large bead chain also lining Huang Shengyi even more yellow. The whole bead chain is incongruous with the picture, giving people a very abrupt feeling.

Liang Luoshi

The jadeite of the large bead chain is not something that everyone can wear, Liang Luoshi is slightly thin, his temperament does not match, and his figure is not plump enough. This string of oily green jadeite beads also lined Liang Luoshi’s skin more yellow, giving people a very dull feeling, and people and jadeite are not outstanding. Especially the cool transparent earrings directly have no sense of existence.

Ma Yili

To be honest, Ma Yili’s costume does not match Jade at all. Jadeite is jade, you wear a leather coat, the texture and luster of the fur are incongruous with jadeite, the overall look is very tacky, if you change to cloth it is perfect.

Jia Jingwen

Jia Jingwen’s skin color is more neutral, and it is logical to wear this color of jadeite is not a big problem. But the jadeite pendant with gold pearls (warm color), the jadeite ring set with diamonds (cool color), the overall tone is messed up, and it looks unaesthetic. It is ideal to replace the pearl strand with a black cord and a small jadeite band around the ring.

Jade with Success Group:

He Jiayi

He Jiayi’s skin tone and makeup are cool, so choose a cheongsam in purple tones. The matching jadeite jewelry is also ice blue bracelet and pendant, the overall artistic conception and matching are very suitable, at a glance, the artistic conception will come up.

Shao Xingyun

Shao Xingyun’s skin tone is warm, the pendant she wears is emerald green with yellow tones (zoom in and look closely), the pendant chain is made of neutral black rope, and the gold used for the fixed buckle is also a warm color. The whole looks tall and fashionable, but also has the beauty of oriental women.

Dong Xuan

Dong Xuan’s skin tone is cold and she is wearing a white wedding dress, so she chose a set of ice violet jadeite suit. As you can see, the whole picture is very monotonous white. After wearing this set of ice violet jadeite, the picture has more color, but it does not appear abrupt, and it will not steal the style of the characters.

Little sister next door

The little girl next door has a face of collagen, which can be said to be neutral and slightly warm. The choice of pendant is a piece of emerald green. Why choose the ethereal green one instead of the all-green one? Because all green is a cool color, and floating green will reveal the skin tone, showing warm colors, and yellow green jadeite is the same meaning, the chain of black rope is also very matched.

For jadeite jewelry, black rope can be said to be very versatile, showing both fashion and connotation.

Seeing this, everyone knows how to choose the most suitable jadeite for themselves, if you don’t understand, you can also leave a message in the comment area or a private message editor!

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