Seven-sided cowhide sneakers: light and breathable, minimalist design, MiBoy’s welfare sneakers!

Before the author and you have shared several personalized shoes launched by the seven-sided, of which the seven-sided Goodyear Martin workwear boots are the most concerned, but there are also some friends who said that this kind of shoes are too heavy, can you find time to share some lighter sneakers, this no, the author will find shoes for everyone at leisure, today’s protagonist is the men’s cowhide sneakers (HotCity series) launched by the seven sides, hereinafter I will refer to the seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers!

Seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers are officially priced at 399 yuan in Xiaomi, and there are currently black and white colors to choose from, and the north is in full bloom of spring, so the author chose a white seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers. In addition, here to make a special note, in fact, when unpacking, some small details of the seven sides inside the shoe box are also quite pleasing, but here I will not reveal the content with you, just take it as a small suspense left by me!

In terms of appearance design, the seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers adopt a simple upper design style, if you are the kind of hipster who loves leisure and sports, then this shoe is definitely for you! Its choice of materials and texture can help you easily navigate various occasions, but frankly, because I am a fat person, my idea is very simple, that is, the suitable for mountain exercise is suitable for a pair of breathable, lightweight, and non-low design sneakers.

In terms of details, I personally love to sweat, so I am very concerned about the breathability of this shoe, let’s put aside the breathable performance of cowhide, just look at its upper design can see that the seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers still do some detail work in the breathable part. However, it should be noted that this breathable hole design is only available on the upper of the front of the shoe.

We moved the perspective up a little to see that the “wearing laces” part of the seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers also made a creative design, and when we tied the laces, we could feel that the laces became more regular.

When we look up, we can find that the leather used in the seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers is very thin, it does not have the sponge blessing of traditional sneakers, from this point alone, I believe you can imagine how light this shoe is. (Single shoe weight is 288 grams)

Seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers use soft wrestling cowhide upper, the biggest point of this wrestling cowhide is gentle and natural, sweat-absorbing and breathable; In addition, the texture of the real thing is much stronger than in the photo.

By the way, I think you also need to pay attention to a small detail is the joint between the upper and the sole, I personally did not find any flaws in this regard, in addition, there is another point worth praising is that the seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers in the cowhide stitching part of the production process is indeed good, the thread is very secure!

Let’s take a look at some details inside the shoes from a different angle, I think the regularity of this stitching is really remarkable, I think in the category of sneakers, dare not wrap the internal stitching of the shoes is really courageous!

Insole part, I don’t know how many people are now equipped with insoles separately after buying shoes, seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers use DuPont fairy shield insole, 4 * 6mm thickness appears to be very solid material, it should be noted that this insole uses the American DuPont SILVADURâ„¢ technology, simply put, it is a very cow antibacterial technology, the benefit is to reduce the growth of bacteria in the shoe, too much I will not repeat, if you want to know more about it, the most direct way is to ask” Mother Du”.

Seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers use light cushioning double dense sole, high elasticity, soft, anti-slip is its characteristics, it should be noted that the front and rear end of this sole are made of special anti-slip wear-resistant rubber material, the middle and forefoot position do special shock absorption treatment, in short, shock absorption, wear resistance these two points officially take care of.

In terms of use scenes, the author said earlier that I mainly want a pair of shock-absorbing, lightweight shoes when going up the mountain, the author’s hometown Longshou Mountain is not too high, the altitude is still about 200 meters, if you used to wear new shoes to climb the mountain, then don’t talk about taking pictures in this circle, the degree of “grinding feet” is indescribable. However, climbing in seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers does not have the feeling of grinding feet at all, and I think this is the reason why there is no sponge inside traditional sneakers, which is just a little bit of a guess, but not “grinding feet” is certain.

Subsequently, the author also did a sports scene test on a treadmill, originally there was a GIF, but after recording, I found that there was no focus at all, so I gave up the GIF display and posed directly!

Let’s talk about how you feel after wearing this shoe for a few days, light is real, very comfortable, and does not grind your feet. However, this shock absorption or the softness of this shoe is not as soft as the sneakers I experienced before, but it will not be as hard as ordinary rubber soles or leather shoes; In terms of breathability, I think it’s fine, as for the rest, I really can’t think of anything else to describe.

If you’re thinking about buying a sneaker, I think these seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers are worth paying attention to! Well, the experience of seven-sided men’s cowhide sneakers is shared here, if you still want to know anything, you can leave a message directly below the article; If you are interested in something and dare not start, you can also leave a message or send a private message to the author, and then we will find a time to explore the mine together.