Celebrity love? CHANEL’s new headphone storage bag is more than 7,000? LV/GUCCI/YSL have both

The new iPhone is out

Did you buy it first?

Coke Junzhong reservation is tight

Today’s Weibo is already there

Saw someone use it

Since the phone is replaced with a new one

The phone case must be replaced first

CHANEL’s new collection for autumn and winter

Just launch a leather phone case

Worth 9,300 minifigures

FENDI Autumn Winter Show above

All new ones are launched

Bling phone case

In fact, it has been a big name recently

All like the phone

Make an article with the supporting products above

A lot of big names are out

AirPods storage bag

FENDI flashes like a phone case

Five thousand eight may really contain gold…


And the mid-atmosphere tweed is the same as the leather model

All of them are classic patterns

Same buried pattern design

The woolen model costs more than 6,000

Leather is even more expensive

That’s seven thousand eight

Actually, before LV

Already out of the AirPods storage bag


There are buried AirPods decoration

Department of it…….

The usage is really curious

Wireless headphones instantly

What is the meaning of more lines?

In short, D big name

It’s just persistent

All the way out of AirPods storage

And almost all

They are all made with reference to the classic models of the Youbei brand


Bottega Veneta

The price is all expensive

Dior style

It’s special

into a keychain


It’s hard to say enough comparisons

Unremarkable YSL

The price must be cheap

Even the price is written to stay in the hotel to negotiate…


Send Aunt Tan

Maybe they all don’t like it

I think ordinary people feel

But Tang Yan had sunbathed before

LV phone case

Worth more than forty thousand

Hongtong stars are particularly fond of

What about D brand phone accessories?

Not…… I’m a normal person

It’s all actual!

What is the headphone case like?

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