Known as the “first love of the nation”, she now wears a polka-dot jacket with bodybuilding pants, and her legs are too smooth

When it comes to South Korea’s first love, many people must think of Bae Xiuzhi, as the dream lover of countless boys, Bae Xiuzhi’s appearance is very pure, and she is also known as the male god harvester when she falls in love with many male gods in film and television dramas. Pei Xiuzhi, who has always appeared in front of everyone with his youth and beauty, recently wore a polka-dot jacket and bodybuilding pants to meet fans, the line of her legs is too smooth, it seems that Xiuzhi’s sister usually works out.

As an idol, Pei Xiuzhi is not only very attentive to acting, but also pays great attention to dressing. It always makes people feel bright and comfortable!

As a well-known Korean movie star, Bae so-ji has always been known for purity, and although he has debuted for many years, Bae so-ji is still a sister route.

She is young and lovely, and she is also very suitable for this style, and her cute face makes people look very loving. But in addition, her usual outfits are also relatively daily, although they are relatively simple, but every time people can’t take their eyes off, let’s take a look!

1. Short cardigan with jeans: eye-catching, show-waisted short cardigan with jeans, making Xiuzhi’s sister look very eye-catching, although this combination is very simple, but it shows Xiuzhi’s advantages, her body is almost perfect, and she is also generous and shows her waist.

2. Pink V-neck: sweet, vibrant

The pink V-neckline makes Xiuzhi a little sweeter, as a vigorous girl, she is worthy of the first love of the country, and this combination shows the vitality of a little girl.

3. Silhouette top with trousers: handsome, retro

Silhouette top with trousers, although Pei Xiuzhi’s appearance is very pure, but it is extremely malleable, this combination gives her a touch of handsomeness, and the retro match is very eye-catching. This combination is very fashionable, and when you go to a party, dressing up like this must be easy to be locked into.

4. Black leather dress leather skirt: modern, small sexy

Black leather clothes and skirts, has always been a match that sexy women like, but Pei Xiuzhi wears it, but there is no sense of violation, this combination makes her look very modern, showing the little sexiness as a girl in the flower season, usually if you are the same as Xiuzhi, the image and temperament are relatively pure, but you want to play a little different, you may wish to consider this combination.

In fact, I can feel that her outfits are also some more daily, relatively speaking, we can all learn, and can make us look more fashionable in real life, what do you think? Okay, let’s learn together!