Her winter fashion is all thanks to these three coats, beautiful and warm

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Today is still our “Dress Model” column~

This time, I want to talk about Miss Chung Alexa Chung’s winter outfit.

The so-called “Flowing It Girl, Miss Zhong of Iron”, have you found that many of the street shooting stars who were super popular in the past have long faded out of the rivers and lakes, changing one stubble after another, but Miss Zhong is an exception, her outfit is still very popular, relying on the fire for more than ten years. ▼

Why does her outfit stand the test of time?

I know a lot of people’s first reaction is to be in good shape, which is certainly one thing, but even more

The important point is that her personal style is strong and not easily outdated.

Her overall style is French, but more concise and handsome, and now everyone still likes to use her as an example when they talk about “effortless fashionable representatives”.

The outfit from many years ago is still used as a demonstration, which shows that the skill is still very profound.

In addition, her outfit is a daily good-looking fashion, which is actually quite valuable for us ordinary people.

Most of the items she often wears are mainly basic, but she is not boring and seemingly simple, but in fact, there is a lot of care in the selection and matching.

Often wear one piece of clothing many times, you can learn how she wears more than one dress.

What’s more, in winter, she won’t always be bare-legged like some fashion jins, and she’s afraid of cold like us.

There are many combinations that do not show their legs, but they can be kept warm and fashionable

However, she does not like to wear down jackets in winter, mainly relying on the following three coats to achieve warmth and beauty, let’s see how to do it:

Example statement: This article does not contain any commercial soft implants

1. Mid-length coat

Miss Zhong’s winter favorite had to be nominated for coats, and the ones we chose were all classic models that we often mention, and the characteristics were quite distinct, most of them

H shape with good drape + shoulder line design + lapels, the length is generally a little above the knee or at the calf level

The color is mainly neutral, and the most worn is black that many people find easy to get old, and there are many different black coats, longer and shorter, but they are all very simple styles. This one is a bit like a suit collar worn many times.

How do you dress a black coat without being dull? Her secret is to add highlights with shoes, scarves, hats, etc. The choice of small accessories will be more colorful, and her leopard print booties are also very popular.

Or use the stacking method, stacking several layers inside, which looks very layered. The innermost is usually a white T-shirt, and a shirt or thinner sweater can be added in the middle. ▼

On the matching of coats, she

There are some tricks that have been used for many years

, wearing different coats is suitable.

Coats are generally more with cropped pants.

She is relatively tall, one meter seventy-three. She has always liked to wear short pants, and in her early years she wore a lot of pencil pants. In the past two years, I have changed a little, my pants have become a little wider than before, and I prefer to wear short flared pants and straight pants. These two pants will look a little more relaxed, but the overall proportions are still very prominent. Her outfits as a whole will pay more attention to the creation of proportions, casual but neat. ▼

Especially mention the white pants, the appearance rate is high! Refreshing and powerful, it is also very versatile, and it is a must-have item to break the dullness in winter. It is recommended that everyone come to one. The choice is still a nine-point straight and micro-speaker model. ▼

The choice of shoes is also very complete.

In addition to her regular booties, she also likes to wear canvas shoes, which is an important source of her casual outfit. Because she is also wearing cropped pants, she will generally wear socks, and the socks are mainly black and white gray, echoing each other with clothes, and it will not violate the look.

She likes to wear black socks, in fact, in the past two years, all kinds of colorful socks have become more popular, as well as white socks, but no matter how the trend changes, she always loves to use black socks for everything. It’s very much of its own style. ▼

In addition to wearing jeans, she also wears it with strap pants, and she loves to wear this piece all year round.

In winter, it will be used as an underwear, and the innermost sweater. Suspenders come with a sense of age-reduction, which can also make the coat de-old and increase vitality. ▼

When the weather is warmer or for some important occasions, you can also mix and match dresses. She will choose a skirt that is a little longer than her coat and has a little yarn, and she is fairy. ▼

2. Fake fur coat

Fake fur was quite popular for a while, and she started wearing it many years ago.

What impressed me more was that this color-block jacket from the Swedish brand Saks Potts, with a small patchwork on the neckline and cuffs, was frankly not so easy to handle. Ms. Chung contributed 2 Looks, both of which use casual items to increase the sense of vitality.

White pants are really good to use!

This Burberry haze blue coat was also a classic back then, this length is relatively easier to handle, and it is not so easy to bloat.

Miss Zhong is very good at using color matching, putting on a pair of blue jeans, and then carrying a dark red bag to contrast the color, simple and attractive. ▼

The black piece has a similar shape to blue, and the possibility of matching is very large, and the pattern on it also adds a little interest, from the Russian brand Vilshenko. I wore it many times▼

The top two were short-haired, and she had worn long-haired ones before. The sense of expansion is stronger, she is a paper person, and she looks good in pencil pants. The top is layered with a vibrant hooded sweatshirt, which will also make the overall look less noble. But now it is still not recommended for everyone to buy this, it is too picky and tests the temperament. ▼

She has always liked leopard print pieces, and there are several fake furs, which are still worn with pencil pants. Then use small details such as bags, scarves, and sunglasses to add color. ▼

The following two long models are very difficult to handle and are easy to swell. Let’s just take a look, it’s not so suitable for imitation. Like coats, this more expensive item, she also uses jeans to dissolve the sense of grandeur.

Everything can wear jeans haha

3. Lamb wool coat

The lamb wool coat is another favorite of Miss Zhong.

She wears it very often, cool black is the first choice, and the following Acne Studios she has worn many times, the matching is still simple, and the color matching is the highlight. The color of the coat is dull, and she will change the inner layer to white or color, which makes people’s eyes shine~▼

She also has a short one for when the weather isn’t so cold, from Isabel Marant. Layered on a longer white piece, it’s warm and layered. ▼

The longer fur is integrated, the collar will be narrower, and the shoulder line will be selected correctly, which will look more slender. ▼

In addition to the fur, she will also wear the lamb wool coat with the fur on the outside.

Seeing this, there may be friends who are stupid about the difference between fake fur and lamb wool coats. Under simple science, they are still quite different, fake fur is softer to the touch, looks more shiny, and the sense of grandeur is much stronger. ▼

And like fake fur, the lamb wool material is also a little swollen, too long and easy to press, like Miss Zhong, choose

The length of the thigh that is stuck in the middle of the thigh, keeping warm and taking into account the proportions

Plus best


Choose a collar design

, the difficulty of driving is lower, and the coat without a collar generally tests the matching, and it is quite old-fashioned if it is not matched. This light yellow lamb wool coat is often “seen” in street photography. ▼

I found that she wore very little jewelry.

Favorite accessories in winter are scarves and hats

。 Among them, she loves beanies, which can add a bit of playfulness and match her usual dressing style. The shoes are also a highlight.

The classic teddy bear coat, checked hat and checked scarf are the highlights.

By the way, in addition to the first three, she will also wear a parka down jacket, which is an easy and fashionable style in a down jacket. Last year will be a little more popular, her two pictures are many years ago, and they are not outdated now.

In her early years, she especially liked black pencil pants + black boots, another universal combination. ▼

Li Becca’s words:

Well, Miss Zhong’s outfit will be talked about here today~

Finally, a brief summary of her dressing experience:

1. Pants are always short. But rarely show legs, will use black socks booties to wrap the ankle, both neat and layered and warm.

2. White pants are a must-have, with the miracle effect of lighting up the shape in a second, and they are super easy to use in winter.

3. Clothes and other large items can choose more basic basic colors, but

Hats, scarves, shoes

These gadgets can be multi-colored and can light up the whole body in a small area.

4. The taste of shoes is very good.

No matter how the fashion changes, she always loves to wear those,

Ugly boots, ugly shoes, no matter how popular they are, they don’t follow the trend.

We also wrote about her a few years ago


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5. If you want to form your own unique style, it is quite important to stick to your own style.

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