What are the types of weak current engineering access control locks? Which one is common?

Customers often ask how electric locks should be chosen. Glass doors, wooden doors, security doors… In the big world, “door” and “door” are different. Today, let’s talk to you about what are the commonly used electric locks? How to choose?

What is an access control electric lock?

Access control electric lock is an important part of the access control system, is the executive mechanism and key equipment of the access control system, and is related to the stability of the entire access control system.

What are the commonly used access control locks?

The commonly used electric locks for access control are: electric plug locks, electromagnetic locks, electric locks, electric control locks, etc.

1. Electric plug lock

The electric plug lock is an electric lock that relies on the power on or off to eject the latch to realize the opening and closing of the door. According to the wire, it is divided into two-wire electric plug-in lock, four-wire electric plug-in lock, five-wire electric plug-in lock, eight-wire electric plug-in lock. According to the function, it can be divided into power-off door opening type and power-off closing door type, and electric lock is usually used for glass doors, wooden doors, etc.

Power off and close the door (power on and unlock): Under normal door closure, the lock body is not energized, the lock manifests itself as a “lock door” state, and when the lock is powered on by an external control system (example: card machine, card reader), the internal body will take action and complete the state of “opening the door”.

Power off and open the door (power on and lock): Under the normal closing situation, the lock body continues to be energized, the lock shows a “lock door” state, and when the lock is powered off through the external control system (e.g., card reader, card reader), the internal body will start to operate, and complete the state of “opening the door”.

Advantages: hidden installation, beautiful appearance, good safety, not easy to be pried and pulled open.

Disadvantages: The lock hole should be dug during installation, and the construction is more cumbersome. It is worth noting that some glass doors do not have a threshold (that is, the door frame is also glass), or the top of the glass façade does not have edging, and you need to buy frameless glass door accessories to assist in installation.

2. Electromagnetic lock

Electromagnetic lock is an electric lock that relies on the suction generated between the electromagnet and the iron block to close the door, and it is an electric lock that opens the door without power. Electromagnetic locks are commonly used for wooden doors, security doors, and iron doors.

Advantages: The performance is relatively stable, and the repair rate will be lower than other electric locks. Easy to install, no need to dig keyholes.

Disadvantages: It is generally installed on the top of the threshold outside the door, and due to the exposure, the aesthetics are not as good as the concealed installed electric plug-in lock. The suction power is limited, and the use occasions are relatively limited.

3. Electric control lock

Electric control lock is mainly used in residential areas and unit doors, is a kind of traditional door lock coexistence of electric lock, this lock can also be opened with the knob or key on the door lock. The appearance is not much different from ordinary locks.

Advantages: cheap price, emergency can be key to open the door, go out knob can also be controlled with the key.

Disadvantages: large impact current, large impact on system stability, relatively large noise of opening and closing doors, inconvenient installation, often need professional welding equipment.

4. Electric lock

Electric lock port, some people call it “cathode lock”, in fact, it is not right, it is just one of the models is a kind of cathode lock. It is installed on the side of the door and must be used with a mechanical lock.

Advantages: cheap, there are two kinds of power failure on and off power off, and the door can be opened with a key in case of emergency.

Disadvantages: Because it is installed on the side of the door, the wiring is very inconvenient, the lock body should be hollowed out and buried, the installation is more difficult, and it needs to be used with mechanical locks, and the safety is poor.

In addition to the above common ones

Electric lock

In fact, there are several locks that are widely used in special industries.

1. Smart lock of optical box

Optical box is an important outdoor asset of communication operators, responsible for the test, jump, link, and distribution of communication networks, and its security and normal operation are very important for telecom operators.

2. Motor lock (spiritual lock)

Motor locks, also known as spiritual locks; The product effectively combines the advantages of traditional electric lock and electromagnetic lock, overcomes the lack of excessive noise of electric control lock, electromagnetic lock power consumption and other aspects and develops new products, spiritual lock compared with electric lock and magnetic lock, its performance is more perfect, the advantages are more obvious.