Versatile denim hot pants, with black shoulders, fresh and temperamental, beautiful cool and fashionable

In the summer shorts are a very high photo rate, many girls like to match shorts to spend the summer heat, shorts can easily wear a cool feeling, make you beautiful and confident, while shorts are simple and good-looking and show the figure, not only make your overall matching fashionable and refreshing, but also highlight the simple and generous beauty.

There are various styles of shorts, and different styles are different in the aesthetics of wearing, so it is especially important to choose a shorts that suits you. So how to choose shorts, first of all, you can choose the loose version from the style, this kind of shorts usually have a length of the trouser tube in the middle of the thigh, showing A-line waist straight pants, the effect on the thighs is quite good, cool and comfortable, and there is a slim version of the shorts, the trouser tube is relatively short, showing a slim and thin body.

Although shorts can be divided into slim and loose fits, but in the decoration is also a variety of styles, such as some girls like trouser tube brushing old style, wearing foreign and comfortable, of course, there are shorts with holes embellishment, so that shorts wear a young vitality, and the use of studs or lace embroidery to embellish the trouser tube, increase the sense of fashion of wearing, in addition to these modifications is a more formal slim jeans, it is strictly designed with piping to modify the edges, wearing slim and safe, You can choose the fashion shorts that suit you according to your preferences.

Shorts are very fashionable and leg-length pants, many girls whether they are tall or short like to match, so when choosing a model, you must pay attention to the waist design of shorts, usually with high waist, middle waist and low waist, high waist design can make up for the lack of body proportions, visually divide the proportion of three to seven, make you beautiful and show long legs, and for girls with a good figure, choose mid-waist and low-waist can wear the beauty of small man’s waist, confident and show the figure.

Just like the style of this fashionista’s shorts dressing, she overflows the beauty of personality, and she uses black to match the color, which can fully play the characteristics of fair skin tone. The upper body wore a black shoulder, with black denim shorts, and a pair of white sneakers, the beauty was refreshing and mature, and the beauty was attractive.

The shoulder itself is a sexy model, but also a cool model, slightly exposed half of the shoulders, making the beauty more charming, not only set off the shoulder and collarbone line beauty, but also brighten the skin tone, the neck is embellished with a black necklace, adding a delicate sense of beauty, while bringing out the temperament. This one-line shoulder is cut for a slim fit and has a tucked hem into the waistband for a simple waistline.

The lower body is matched with black denim shorts, and the trouser surface is embellished with a silver zipper, which increases the layered beauty of the shorts, while the edge of the trouser tube adopts a brushed design, which is comfortable and foreign to wear, and the slim cut is simple and thin. Shorts, wear a cool effect to show off the length of the legs, with a pair of white sneakers, light stroll through the streets, feel the cool beauty of the hot summer.

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