12 years old driver wholeheartedly recommend! What brackets are worth buying

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The car is 12 years old, how to say that he is also an old driver. Until now, I am still used to having a bracket in the car to put the mobile phone, so you don’t have to throw it in the car at will, and it is very convenient to take it directly when you want to use it. For so many years, the stents are still used to think that the suction cup is better. The old model I bought before is very strong and will not shake, and it can be said that it is quite convenient to hold it with one hand. This time there is an upgrade, of course, try it!

First of all, let’s talk about the feeling after receiving it, the packaging is very good, the first feeling after opening is that the texture is good, and the material workmanship can be seen to be very careful. The feeling of tearing off the protective film is too cool, the back panel is shiny, the all-black design is very advanced, and the interior of any car is very suitable, low-key and connotative.

Secondly, the installation is very convenient, there is a pressure valve, open and put it and then close, the bracket is very firmly sucked on the dashboard, sucked very tightly, driving through speed bumps, sharp turns are no problem.

Again, it is very convenient to take and put the mobile phone, there is a button, press the clamp arm to pop it off by itself, close the clamp arm after putting the phone down, a set down is quite smooth, one hand to complete all the movements, is so comfortable! Sometimes if you want to get closer to the phone, you can pull it directly, the pole can be stuck in the position by itself, and it is very convenient without twisting anything!

Finally, the direction can be adjusted horizontally and vertically, and it is also very comfortable to sit in the car during the usual rest and watch a small TV horizontally. Go out to play, directly rotate the pole 180 degrees, the mobile phone turns on the camera, you can shoot and record at any time, you can also leave memories, the design is very ingenious~

Let’s talk about some details that impress me, there is a thick silicone pad in the place where the mobile phone is clamped, which is different from the one on the market, and some empty seats are reserved, so you don’t have to worry about clipping the phone buttons. The bottom bracket can also be pulled, so any model size of the mobile phone can be used very suitably, and it is no problem to change the mobile phone~

Having said all this, I really like it, this bracket is recommended to everyone Oh, it is very cost-effective, it is worth buying!

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