This aesthetic pinnacle big U beauty back bra of less than 20 yuan, the best partner for sexy backless outfits

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Summer is a season to love and hate

Hate hot temperatures and hot sun

But love to wear to death

Slip dress, shorts, crop top

of sexiness

The good figure you have can finally be revealed in the right light

As the saying goes,”

Small dewy legs, large dewy back

The weak and boneless beautiful back is a fatal temptation for women

No wonder Yohji Yamamoto said in his autobiography “My Dear Bomb”:

“I love the back, a good looking back is a nice front

Look at the fairy sister’s

Beautiful back

, Do you want to have a nosebleed?

Just looking at this back makes people think

Looming butterfly bone, fair and slender beautiful back

Sexy back curve, absolutely full of turning back.

However, the backless dress is well dressed, and the back is indeed killed

If you don’t wear it well, you will change into a village head in seconds

Look at this visibly transparent plastic shoulder strap and brightly coloured lingerie back strap

Basic with sexy rejection, become

Synonymous with earthiness


Hot sale recommendation

Today Xiaobian brings you an underwear,

Japanese Ayaka SAR Big U beauty back bra underwear

This is an underwear that can meet your daily outfit

Big U beautiful back, comfortable to wear

Simple and fashionable Japanese style, see if it provokes you

This beautiful back bra is also awarded

The 32nd Japan Design Awards

It has been featured in two consecutive issues of Japanese matching magazines

It is loved by young Japanese women.

It must be admitted that the designer of this underwear must know women very well

Adopted is

The beautiful back design of the big U

Subtly solved for women when matching clothes

An embarrassing scene caused by underwear problems

Underwear with this back design


Stretch the lines of your back

Showcasing feminine characteristics

And amplify the tenderness of women like water


The gathering of deep V


It is different from the shortcomings of ordinary beauty back saggy

Without sacrificing bra performance

Design a bra that is more suitable for summer wear

The widened hem design is not decorative either

It works

Tighten the fat of the lower abdomen and waistline, effectively slim the waist and shape,

It allows you to wear it alone without revealing the fat around your waist

Wear it and have a small man’s waist

What’s more special is the use of this underwear

One-piece cut


Delicate stitching, fine stitching

Make the bra panels look more natural

There will be no problems with wearing tight clothes and traces of underwear are obvious

More scientific tailoring design,

360° fit without gaps, truly close to the body without marks!

No pressure, no strangulation, no excess meat,

Give you like you just untied your underwear when you come home from work,

A feeling of total liberation.

Ribbed fabric design, full of Japanese small fresh style


Strong elasticity

, even if it is a one-size-fits-all one

It can also meet the needs of women from 90 pounds to 140 pounds

You won’t feel strangulated when you wear it

Underwear is a kind of clothing, only you know whether it fits

Wear it on the body as if

Light as cotton

of texture

It is the main selling point of this bra!

The cups are used

Teardrop-shaped separate design

Detachable design, when washing underwear, you can remove the chest pad and wash it again~

Very resilient

, multiple cleaning will not deform

The thin coaster is only 0.5cm,

Reject the feeling of heaviness

Air permeability

Also superb, sweltering in the summer to walk away

The layers of white fog that floated up marked that the chest was no longer stuffy this summer

No matter how washed, all

Does not fade


The following is a wash-off experiment with water, so wear it with confidence!

This is a bra that can be worn alone

The opportunity to show off your great body has arrived

Capture the return rate of passers-by and be the most beautiful boy on the entire street

put on

T-shirt with a leaked back

It won’t leak out of underwear

With full sincerity, it is designed for women

Six colors

Pick and choose

Very heartily this year’s hot avocado green

It looks good on its own, and more importantly

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