Autumn and winter Korean sweatshirts and tweed coats bloom with new vitality of youth!

1. The new autumn and winter Korean sweatshirt set, the upper body effect is thin. Wear it with Korean willow spikes and bag sleeves to enhance the height of the wave shoes and school bag, which brings out the vitality of students.

2. The blue Korean coat with a detachable fur collar shows a white skin tone, and is paired with a black bottomed slim dress to create a noble temperament. Work appointments are suitable.

3. Korean tweed long jacket with brown sweater underneath and white skinny leggings. Create Korean OPPA’s favorite Korean girl. Street photography is superb.

4. The red sweatshirt long slim skirt design is unique, and the white shirt lapel fake two-piece set makes the skin tone whiter. It is an indispensable retrofit artifact in autumn.

1. 新版秋冬款韩版卫衣套装,上身效果显瘦。搭配韩版柳钉和包帮内增高波鞋书包穿出学生活力。

5. The thickened pink sweatshirt highlights the skin tone and does not show bloat, with the most popular cute god white sweet fashion, high-quality fabrics are comfortable and comfortable. The leisurely humidity makes people love it.

6. Korean version of woolen red coat, skin color is white. Inside with a white lace cutout base, super Sven’s, it captivates all male gods and otaku men.

20. 黑色休闲套装,超级舒服的面料,居家外出都可以。穿起来超级修身,还可以和男朋友一起穿做情侣装哦。

7. Classic long tweed jacket, which well modifies the pear-shaped body of Orientals, two large pockets add a three-dimensional sense You can also warm your hands on days when the wind is cold, and you can match different inner layers according to different occasions Wear your own style

9. 可爱太空棉卫衣,棉质面料休闲舒适之余不失可爱。不仅仅是单纯的卡通图案 衣服也有很多设计元素。

8. The leisurely sweatshirt suit upper body is very casual and very comfortable, so that people can’t love it, super thin! The matching is very chic and designed, and the hat is super large and stylish

19. 欧美秋冬假两件套毛衣,黑色毛衣搭配白色衬衫,下摆外露。下款搭配格子小脚打底裤,超有欧美街拍的范。

9. Cute space cotton sweatshirt, cotton fabric casual and comfortable but cute. More than just cartoon patterns, clothes also have a lot of design elements.

10. European and American black loose dress, zipper at the hem of the skirt, sexy thighs. With a long European and American necklace, the cool feeling will come out immediately.

11. Korean version of pink tweed thick long coat, two breasts of buttons look so cute. With white skinny leggings, pink lip biting makeup, Korean and Japanese beauties are there.

12. Autumn and winter fashion women’s Korean version of the thin and short tweed coat, with a black short skirt to show off the leg length! Instantly tall! Sweet and fresh ~ The color is super good-looking, loose fit, simple and delicate short style without losing temperament!

13. Fake two-piece slim skirt with washed denim my lapels and washed cuffs, suitable for spring, autumn and winter Don’t pick a figure, don’t pick people!

14. Korean version of the stylish super long tweed blue coat jacket, this classic style is a wardrobe must-have. Wearing a belt is super cute, and the belt exudes a mysterious and powerful aura.

2. 蓝色韩版外套外加可拆毛毛领子肤色显白,搭配上黑色打底修身连衣裙,营造高贵的气质。上班约会都适合。

15. Extra-long slim knit long skirt undershirt pullover sweater dress with Korea’s new oversized woolen neckband. Instantly super fanciful.

16. Korean version of mid-length loose sweater, the plaid design reveals the smell of lazy sunshine in winter. The whole skirt is novel and unconventional, ~ can be matched with a variety of coats and jackets is a sweater dress with a relatively high degree of matching.

8.悠闲卫衣套装上身很休闲 很舒服,让人不爱都不行,超级显瘦!搭配非常别致有设计感’帽子超大超有范儿

17. A very casual sweater dress, soft and comfortable knitted fabric, loose straight fit, fat and thin. You can wear it alone, and it’s very stylish with a jacket.

18. Striped turtleneck sweater, stripe controller is fascinated when you see it, and it is a very special stripe pattern, a little wavy feeling, more abstract fashion sense than ordinary stripes.

19. European and American autumn and winter vacation two-piece sweater, black sweater with white shirt, hem exposed. The next one is paired with plaid leggings, which is super European and American street photography.

12. 秋冬时尚女装韩版显瘦短款毛呢外套,搭配黑色小短裙超显腿长!瞬间高挑!甜美清新~颜色超级好看,宽松版型,简单而不失气质的简洁娇俏的短款!

20. Black casual suit, super comfortable fabric, you can go out at home. It’s super slim to wear, and you can also wear it as a couple with your boyfriend.

13. 假两件套修身裙,搭配水洗牛仔我翻领和水洗袖口,适合春秋冬三个季节穿着 不挑身材不挑人哦!

21. A must-have for Korean street men and women, a warm and stylish puffy bread cotton suit, the yellow version is sweet and unique, giving people a warm and warm feeling in winter.

17. 非常休闲的一款毛衣裙哦,针织面料柔软舒适,宽松直筒版型,胖瘦皆宜。单穿内搭都可以哦,搭配外套很有范。

22. European and American autumn mid-sleeved sweater, the pony pattern on the dress shows the personality. With a red hip-tock skirt, European and American street photography is so simple.

22. 欧美秋款中袖毛衣,衣服上小马图案特显个性。搭配红色包臀过膝裙,欧美街拍范就这么简单。

23. Korean version of long tweed jacket, personality big hat, casual and versatile, simple and capable, cut unique design. With a handbag, beauty is exquisite and the queen of change.


24. Korean version of autumn dress new little fragrant lady cute lapel tweed coat, pink toot feeling, very cute. It gives a warm and lovely feeling in winter.

21. 韩国街头男女必备的一件御寒又有型的蓬蓬面包棉服,黄色款甜美独特在冬日给人温馨暖洋洋的感觉。


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