This is probably the most “sadistic” butterfly brooch in the world!

She was 23 and he was 36 and married.

That year, love for her and him was the beginning and the end.

On the day of their first meeting, she adored him with girlish adoration, and he adored her with the grace of a mature gentleman.


In 1953, the 23-year-old fledgling Audrey Hepburn got the opportunity to co-produce a light comedy called “Roman Holiday” with Hollywood star Gregory Peck, who was already popular at the time. Hepburn, who was born into a famous family and can speak five Chinese words, is elegant and decent, and has an extraordinary temperament. The two touched each other’s hearts when they met, but Hepburn knew that Gregory Peck was the father of three children, and she couldn’t say her love; And Gregory Peck is also a man who is not good at expression, and with a failed marriage, he did not walk with Hepburn.

In their free time filming, they do fun games on the set or take a walk by the lake together at dusk. The monumental brownstone buildings that witness all this beauty silently carry legends, and in “Roman Holiday”, the figure of Audrey Hepburn standing in the brownstone block has been fixed as a timeless screen classic. After the release of “Roman Holiday”, Hepburn won the Oscar for Best Actress that year, but he entered the palace of marriage with the famous Hollywood director Meir.

Gregory Peck attended Hepburn’s wedding and presented her with a butterfly brooch. Women long for love and like to carry tokens with them as a kind of amulet. And Audrey Hepburn kept the butterfly brooch that Gregory Peck gave her for 40 years.

It’s a pity that Meir empathized and fell in love, and her marriage with Hepburn also came to an end. Later, Hepburn married again and divorced again, and so on, the men around her came and went, and the only thing that remained with her was the butterfly brooch. In 1993, Hepburn passed away, and 77-year-old Gregory Peck bid her farewell. He kissed her coffin lightly and uttered the words that had been buried in his heart for many years: “You are the woman I love the most in my life!”

In 2003, Hepburn’s clothes and jewelry were auctioned for charity, and the 87-year-old Pike attended and eventually bought back the butterfly brooch that had accompanied Hepburn for nearly 40 years – the wedding gift he gave her that year. Their love story is so poignant but touching, like the brownstone buildings of hundreds of years, it has remained in the long river of history, and the legend is always added by the baptism of time, I hope they can continue the fairy tale of angels and gentlemen in heaven.

Jiuyang brownstone

Vanke Red County American classic recreated

Vanke Hongxian is an American-style original brownstone community, integrating villas, American-style bungalows and high-rise views, with a low plot ratio of only 1.8, which is a low-density humanistic residential area, surrounded by double parks, suitable for chatting, walking and resting. Here, the poetry of life is pervading, and the romantic life of Hepburn and Pike in Roman Holiday is recreating yesterday.

Vanke Red County

Original Brownstone Community

It integrates exquisite stacked villas, American-style bungalows and high-rise views as one

Only 1.8 city second ring road low plot ratio

Approx. 81-94㎡ high-rise view

Approx. 88-141㎡ American style bungalow

April 22

Vanke Hongxian Temporary Marketing Center bloomed with great emotion

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