Consumption upgrading creates a new king of subdivided categories, and Miss Kasmase leads the new development of plus-size women’s shoes

Abstract: Large size women’s shoes have become a new focus of development, and Miss Kasmase stands out in large size women’s shoes, and her strength cannot be ignored!

In recent years, all walks of life have set off a wave of “consumption upgrading”. Under the demand for consumption upgrades, all walks of life have made changes to capture the hearts of more consumers, especially in the women’s shoe market. Today’s women’s shoes market has long been developing in a more refined direction, and there are more and more subdivided categories, among which large-size women’s shoes have become a representative of the rapid rise of women’s shoes.

Consumption upgrading creates a new king, and “Miss Young” helps the new development of large-size women’s footwear segments

China has always been the world’s largest footwear production and exporter, China’s footwear industry has been developing at a rate of 15%, and in China’s footwear market women’s shoes are the fastest growing, the most market share of the category, women’s shoes subdivision category is more and more. At the same time, with the upgrading of consumption and the help of the “her” economy, the trend of footwear segmentation from the characteristics and needs of the female population began to appear, and large-size women’s shoes were born in this context.

In fact, the plus-size women’s shoe market has become more and more mature after the development of recent years, and there have been some excellent large-size women’s shoe brands, Kasmase large-size women’s shoes are a typical representative, with the reputation of “bigfoot girl magician”, has been leading the development of China’s large-size women’s shoes subdivision with strength and professionalism.

We learned that Miss Kasmase is the first brand in China to create a special shoe last for plus-size women’s shoes, and became famous in the large-size women’s shoes industry for a while, from transparent white to an industry rookie, and after several years of development, it has now been promoted to become a leading brand in the plus-size women’s shoes industry. It is reported that in order to change the situation that domestic large-size women’s shoes manufacturers simply and rudely make small-size shoes bigger, Miss Kasmase investigated the foot shape data of tens of thousands of women over 39 sizes, and after scientific data analysis and hundreds of modifications, produced a standard large-size shoe last of 42-size women’s shoes, completely solving the problem that the production of domestic large-size women’s shoes is not standardized, and large-size women’s shoes are uncomfortable and unfitted.

At the same time, in order to make plus-size women more comfortable on top, Miss Kasmase is also very particular about shoemaking materials, and will not take cheap rubber in order to reduce costs, each pair of Miss Kasmase high heels are made of high-density midsole plates imported from Italy, and additionally implanted with a special steel core, stable and comfortable. Other women’s shoes other than high heels are basically made of high-density special latex insoles, which are comfortable and breathable, and do not hurt the feet.

In the design of shoes also pay great attention to the sense of trend, Miss Kasmase also starts from the various scenes of bigfoot women, not only launched comfortable and elegant high heels, but also has high-end fashion boots, young campus style small white shoes, temperamental lady egg roll shoes and other different styles of exquisite bigfoot women’s shoes, has been recognized and loved by many bigfoot girls, and promoted the development of plus-size women’s shoes subdivision category towards a more refined and scientific direction.

“Miss Eldest Lady” highlights the unique charm of women and leads the new development of plus-size women’s shoes

Large size women’s shoes have become the fastest growing category in the women’s shoes market, but also thanks to the breakthrough of large size women’s shoes brand from product research and development, personality design to comfort and compatible fashion, breaking through the shackles of the industry from the root to solve the needs of women with big feet, and obtaining the repurchase and high-frequency consumption of big foot stars, among which, Kasmase big size women’s shoes brand is the leader of the achievement of large size women’s footwear category.

Kasmase big size women’s shoes is a large size women’s shoes brand with international high-end vision and R & D innovation strength, with advanced vision, Kasmase big miss large size women’s shoes took the lead in proposing the product concept of making big feet “comfortable high”, innovative research and development of the first exclusive shoe last suitable for Chinese women’s big feet, abandoning the traditional women’s shoes market large size women’s shoes production followed by small size shoe lasts brought uncomfortable drawbacks, not only to create extremely comfortable large size women’s shoes, It is also pioneering in designing a variety of fashionable plus-size women’s shoes, from small white shoes to high heels, from boots to loafers, Kasmase large-size women’s shoes allow big feet to freely pursue the beauty of fashion without being limited by size.

With its solid production technology and fashion trend style, Kasmase large-size women’s shoes not only have millions of fans on the Douyin platform, but also become the designated cooperative brand of show exhibitions such as the China Model Competition, and are the designated shoe brands of many supermodels, and have also won many awards such as “She Design Award • 2019 Best Fashion Design Award”. Good quality and good reputation have formed explosive spread, and the rise of Miss Kasmase has promoted the rapid development of the large-size women’s shoe industry in the direction of specialization and high quality.

Nowadays, the large-size economy is in the limelight, and the large-size women’s footwear category track is bound to usher in a hot development trend. I believe that in the future, more large-size women’s shoe brands will achieve more development under the leadership of the big miss brand!