Qin Lan looks really good in white, the down jacket coat is layered in fashion to keep warm, and the temperament is sweet and proud

If you want to dress warm, fashionable and good looking in the cold winter, you can try the layering method that fashionistas like this winter. Actor Qin Lan, born in 79, is 43 years old this year, although she is no longer a girl in the flower season, she is still the white moonlight in the hearts of many fans, elegant, beautiful and temperamental. This time, the use of coats and down vests to layer, can not only bring enough warmth, but also highlight the fashion atmosphere, a white shape, beautiful and fairy.

When we see bright colors with high saturation, a high-profile positive attitude naturally emerges, and when we see light natural tones, gentle and gentle emotions can always emerge in the heart.

White creates a fairy look

White, pure, clean and vulgar, is most suitable for creating fairy temperament, so it will also be loved by many gentle women. However, white will also have many limitations, for example, it looks good but is not resistant to dirt, and it also has a swelling effect on the visual, and if you don’t pay attention, you will wear a bloated and fat picture. At this time, you can start with the neckline, and the design of the neckline can lengthen the neck line, enrich the layers, and dissolve the feeling of bloat without looking too restrained.

Wearing the same color can create a harmonious and comfortable feeling, especially in daily wear, if you are not very sure of the color matching, then this way of matching, basically will not go wrong, and the effect is also eye-catching and fashionable.

The same color is harmonious and well matched

The matching of the same color is not only the same color, but also needs to have some small changes on this basis, forming certain differences and changes, so as not to appear monotonous and boring, and at the same time adjust the proportion of the body to play a tall and thin effect.

Qin Lan’s shape, from the inside to the outside are used white items, white knitting, white coat, white vest, the same color and different materials, layers of clothing seem to be a lot of miscellaneous, but will not look messy, which is also one of the advantages of the same color matching.

The overall look is warm, the coat layered with a down vest doubles the warmth, and the loose style will have obvious comfort, especially suitable for girls who pursue a high warmth index. Qin Lan is slender, although it uses white with a fat effect, but there is no trace of fat effect, the loose fit creates a certain space, the more fluffy the shape, the more it sets off the slimness of her figure.

Qin Lan’s look, from top to bottom, is writing the word warmth, which is really a serious winter rhythm, which can not only wear warmth but also highlight the sense of fashion. Of course, the blessing of light makeup is indispensable, clean and elegant makeup, is also the most advantageous weapon to enhance temperament, the clothing is good-looking, but also have a beautiful face, in order to be full of fairy.

In a look, the choice of accessories cannot be ignored, and the harmony and good look of matching must be a plus. For example, the matching of bags is no longer a simple purpose of practicality, but also whether it is beautiful and generous, whether it fits with personal style, and the degree of harmony with clothing.

Layering, not simply picking up a few pieces of clothing to match at will, really want to create a beautiful feeling, but also need a certain matching logic, if the same length of the item to superimpose, will only show the thickness of the shape, lack of aura. The combination of long and short, the staggered picture can make people move.

For example, in this shape, the long coat almost reaches the ankle, and the down vest is relatively shorter, creating a form of inner length and outer short, and the vest is worn open, and the layers are richer. The white shape, set against the orange wall, is really beautiful and fairy.

Although speechless, clothing can express a person’s inner world. With different dresses, the external image will also change drastically. For example, this look, Qin Lan changed her image of a gentle lady, wearing a beige suit and a white turtleneck sweater, cool and sassy.

The suit is handsome and stylish

Suits are no longer exclusive to the workplace, and fashionistas skillfully use layering to create a fashionable and handsome feeling. Qin Lan wore a wide suit + white turtleneck, with a short hip skirt, revealing slender legs, creating the feeling that the bottom disappeared, fashionable and sexy.

The white turtleneck sweater, with the design of silver zipper, makes the soft sweater immediately release a bit of cool taste, and the performance of warmth and wind protection will be stronger. Tuck all the tops into the short skirt to show off the slenderness and slenderness of the figure.

The matching of shoes can change the dress style of the whole person, for example, small white shoes are comfortable and generous to wear, and will also create a fresh and age-reducing effect; Pointed-toe high heels can increase the effect of height, but also reflect the femininity of women; A pair of black boots can bring enough warmth and create a cool taste.

A hat that looks good can also play a role in finishing touches. If you want to be spontaneous and free, you can choose a baseball cap, the color of the hat is the same as the color of the clothing, forming an echoing effect and looking more harmonious and beautiful.

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