The mystery of Hong Kong stockings milk tea, you will never think!

Hong Kong-style milk tea is a living signature of tea restaurants, milk tea is not good enough, and the dishes in that restaurant are definitely not much better.

If the milk tea is made beautifully, every afternoon at about three o’clock, the little tea restaurant will start to boil, and the guests, regardless of the powerful grassroots, all go for the delicious stockings and a few heirloom snacks.

Come on! Stocking milk tea really has nothing to do with stockings

Before introducing stocking milk tea, it is necessary to state that stocking milk tea is not made of stockings, and everyone should not be worried.

In fact, this milk tea is brewed with a tea bag sewn with a very fine white cotton cloth, and the size matches the stainless steel teapot used to pull the tea.

Because tea bags are used for a long time, they will not be replaced often, and over time, after continuous brewing of black tea, the white cloth turns brown brown, which is a bit like the thick stockings used in the past, so it gets this name.

Stockings milk tea big bottom


Tea for stockings milk tea

The most used black tea from India and Sri Lanka is used to make milk tea, which generally uses four or five kinds of tea leaves, with uneven thickness, each taking its aroma, color, taste and stability.

Although the recipe is a secret, it is not static, for example, which year the quality of the new tea changes, or it is necessary to re-test and adjust the proportion of blending to achieve the most ideal quality.


Milk for stocking milk tea

The milk used in stockings milk tea is not a secret, generally using Sanhua evaporated milk or black and white evaporated milk, of course, to be full-fat, so many sisters who are afraid of fat say that milk tea is too fat and dare not drink more.

If you switch to relatively low-fat milk to make milk tea, the calories of milk tea can be reduced, but the taste will be affected. So whether you love beauty or love food depends on how you choose.


“Stockings” of stocking milk tea

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the stockings here refer to the tea bags used to brew tea. They are generally sewn from white cotton.

This cotton cloth plays a great role, if it is too dense, it is not easy to filter out the tea, but if it is too thin, the tea will quickly go away from the tea leaves, and also affect the concentration and aroma of the tea.

How to drink stocking milk tea

Drink stockings milk tea and don’t forget to watch the master pull the tea

If you can see the tea brewing master pulling tea, it is definitely a good visual enjoyment. The skillful movements are very sharp and crisp, and they are also very beautiful. The confident expression of the tea brewer in a tea restaurant is usually a sign of the food level of the restaurant.

The tools used by the tea puller are usually stainless steel teapots, which can be burned directly on the stove or to preserve the brewed tea. From a very high position, flush the tea into the tea bag that is placed on top of another teapot, then remove the tea bag and drain it, and then change to another pot to repeat the action. After repeated brewing, the brown color is darker and darker, and how many times it is repeated depends on the recipe of the tea.

White thick porcelain cup for hot milk tea and glass cup for frozen milk tea

The color of stockings milk tea is darker than stockings, and it must be drunk in a white thick porcelain cup, which is a typical Hong Kong tea restaurant, thicker than all tea cups and coffee cups, and the shape is stupid and quaint.

Because the milk tea in the last hit of the evaporated milk is cold, itself has reduced the heat of the tea, if you use an ordinary tea cup, the temperature of the tea will soon be apersed, hot milk tea cold taste will be a lot of discounts, the style is lost.

As for frozen stocking milk tea, it is generally served in a simple glass, and thicker cups or double glazing can maintain ice, and will not be held by guests with their hands at once.

List of snacks paired with stocking milk tea

Stockings milk tea can be paired with a lot of dim sum, the most common is a variety of thick slices of toast bread, baked, coated with condensed milk butter syrup jam and other flavoring, Hong Kong people call Sitos, afternoon tea time often called to eat. There are also freshly baked egg tarts, which are also the signature of every tea restaurant or confectionery shop.

The most suitable snack with frozen milk tea is the famous pineapple oil, which is a hot pineapple bread with a fresh hot mouth, cut in half in the middle, and added a thick slice of frozen butter. No wonder the gluttonous wheat dull turns into a cute pineapple oil prince.

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