Psychometric test: Which ring did you fancy at first glance? Will he love you as much as ever?





Answer Analysis:

A. His love for you is still the same as it was at the beginning, the relationship between you has not changed much, although you have lived together for many years, but you will still care about each other every day, it is really a thing that has not changed for so many years, maybe this has become an indispensable thing in your life, and you have recently gone to meet each other’s parents, your parents are really very satisfied with you, they are already urging you to get married, maybe recently you are also preparing for your wedding.

B. In your relationship, you are actually playing the role of a mother, and your boyfriend is like your child, whether it is food, clothing, housing or all aspects, you are very attentive. It may be because you are older than him, people often say that sibling love is the most tired, because maybe your boyfriend does not know how to feel sorry for you, he just blindly enjoys the care and love you give him, and slowly you will find that you already feel very annoyed for a long time, especially your boyfriend is not sensible. So slowly your feelings for him have changed, because you also want to find someone who loves you, and you don’t want to be alone every time silently giving.

C. His feelings for you have not changed in any way, in your relationship, you are a very passive person, so in your current life, every time there is anything, he is alone to do it, and you will coquette with him from time to time, just to let him buy something for you. Every time, although he is very helpless to you, the final action is to help you do anything, as long as you open your mouth. You are really spoiled by him, and there are no words to describe you. Now he often jokes with you, saying that he is like raising a daughter, so his love for you will become deeper and deeper.

D. Now he is no longer the same person he was at the beginning, especially his love for you has changed a lot, now he is working hard for his career every day, his daily life is all kinds of entertainment, every day drunk back home you still have to take care of him, and sometimes he will complain about you, saying that you don’t have any help for him, otherwise my current self may not be so hard every day. At first, you thought he was talking and didn’t pay attention to it, but now he really doesn’t pay attention to you, as if the two of you are strangers, and now he doesn’t love you at all, but you yourself are still obsessed.