Wenling City North Children’s Shoes Boutique Street opens to open up regional brand awareness

An endless stream of citizens, unique shops, delicate and small children’s shoes… On November 3rd, with a sonorous and powerful opening drum performance, the children’s shoes boutique street in the north of our city officially opened.

Children’s shoes boutique street is located in the north section of Middle Street, Chengbei Street, is one of the birthplaces of Chengbei footwear industry, and hides the rich heritage of the development of children’s footwear industry. In recent years, in order to further realize the transformation and upgrading of the traditional footwear industry, the city has fully implemented the shoe industry rectification and upgrading project, and listed the shoe industry display boutique street project as a candidate project for people’s livelihood in 2019. Today, this shoe street has been successfully “transformed” into a comprehensive commercial street integrating display, experience, retail, ordering and negotiation.

Up to now, a total of 31 enterprises have entered the first phase of Children’s Shoes Boutique Street, all of which are large-scale enterprises and growth enterprises in the jurisdiction. The relevant person in charge said that next, the city will further attract high-quality enterprises to settle in, improve and expand the construction of the street, add characteristic elements of the footwear industry, provide a high-quality platform for enterprises, and finally achieve the goal of “Wenling people wear Wenling shoes”, show the hard power of the city’s footwear brand, and start the popularity of “China’s hometown of children’s shoes”.

At the street opening ceremony, city leaders delivered speeches. Shoes, hats and clothing is one of the four pillar industries in our city, which has experienced more than 30 years of cultivation and development, and has formed an exhibition system with relatively complete product categories and relatively complete professional support. As a leading branch of the footwear and hat clothing industry, children’s shoes have developed particularly strongly in recent years. Children’s shoe enterprises in our city focus on high-quality development, constantly increase scientific and technological innovation, quality improvement and brand cultivation, and gradually embark on a professional, high-end and quality development path with Wenling characteristics, and realize a gorgeous turn from quantity to quality. The successful opening of the children’s shoe boutique street is not only a concentrated display of the transformation achievements of the city’s footwear industry, but also a new starting point for accelerating the improvement.

City leaders expressed the hope that enterprises in our city can take the opening of the children’s shoes boutique street as an opportunity to actively benchmark advanced peers, make a new scale of the market, make a new height of products, and add strength to the development of the children’s shoes and children’s clothing industry in our city. The municipal party committee and the municipal government will also continue to pay attention to industrial development, actively build product platforms, and continuously optimize public services, so as to further promote the popularity of the regional brand of children’s shoes in our city.