Why is the price difference between latex bedding so large? Which brand is reliable? Learn about the 2021 Strength Latex New Products

Latex bedding because of its good resilience, breathability, antibacterial and comfort, more and more people favor, but the market latex bedding variety, the price is also very different, how to choose a high-quality latex bedding?

In this issue, we will talk about the situation of latex bedding in detail.

What is the difference between the supply methods of latex bedding?


Original import

: Materials and production are all abroad, although the raw material (rubber tree sap) is mostly collected in Southeast Asia, but the latex process is best in Europe;


Material imports

, domestic production: that is, raw materials are transported from abroad, domestic factories use latex process for production, if there is a qualified process, the quality is good;


Camouflage imports

: That is, after domestic production, it is transferred to foreign OEM and turned into an imported product, and the price is doubled.

We all know that the factory requirements of imported latex bedding are higher, and the fineness and quality control are better, so the latex bedding imported from Europe or Japan is very guaranteed.

There may be disagreements about domestic latex bedding, the current domestic latex bedding workmanship and requirements are also very high, especially many classic European brands (such as Dunlop), set up factories in China, technology and technology have strict control, no import tariffs and freight markups, the cost performance will be relatively high.

What we need to pay attention to is to avoid the third situation, ensure the good quality of latex bedding, and get a good night’s sleep.

Of course, what should be paid more attention to is the real latex content, process and product quality of latex bedding. For this reason, we may wish to know a little about latex before buying latex bedding.

Look at the latex content

Many businesses will take synthetic latex or mixed latex to replace natural latex, and the unenvironmentally friendly ingredients in synthetic latex will affect comfort and harm health, so we must learn some ways to identify the quality of latex products, natural latex content is a reference.

The natural latex content in a good latex pillow is relatively high. But without a 100% latex content, natural latex pillows will add appropriate chemicals, such as additives in the foaming process.

But good craftsmanship and the pursuit of quality will increase the latex content. Generally, good quality latex bedding, natural latex content in about 90%-95%, at present, Dunlop latex can reach 93%-97%, to the formal shopping mall real experience and feeling, I believe you will be amazed.

Distinguish the real from the fake natural latex

Look at the color

: Generally, natural latex is light yellow, while synthetic latex is pure white, although the color of synthetic latex looks better, but too many chemicals are added, and the surface of synthetic latex is very flat, there is no honeycomb exhaust hole, the surface of natural latex has many fine lines, and honeycomb exhaust holes.

Smell the smell

: Natural latex will have a light rubber smell, while synthetic latex is milk or perfume, which is generally due to the addition of chemical flavors.

Press rebound

: Natural latex rebound faster, after pressing or folding in half, it basically rebounds instantly. Synthetic latex, on the other hand, rebound slowly, or will produce depressions after long-term pressing, and cannot rebound. Of course, some manufacturers use high-elastic sponges to confuse, but the resilience of the sponge is soft, and the strength is not as good as natural latex.

Fracture situation

: Natural latex is not easy to break, synthetic latex breaks as soon as it is pulled. Dunlop’s latest latex process, Telesilver Wave, can support 360° rotation, and the toughness and durability are simply fantastic.

Common knowledge about latex process

Now when it comes to latex processes or categories, many people say Trare, Dunlop. These familiar names actually come from one – Dunlop brand, which is the originator of latex mattresses.

In 1929, the world’s first latex mattress was developed, opening the world’s latex mattress. This process is named after the brand name, called the Dunlop process, and it is also the first generation of latex technology.

Later, you can also guess that when the vast majority (95%) of the manufacturers on the market are still using the first generation of Dunlop latex process, Dunlop continues to update the latex process, and has developed four generations of latex processes, namely the later Dunlop Talalay (Tralay) latex production process, the third generation of Dunlop Talasilver (nanosilver) latex production process in 2010, and the fourth generation of Dunlop Talasilver in 2015 Wave (nano-silver microwave) latex process. Dunlop’s latex process is at least half a century ahead of other brands, and it can be said that “not all latex can be called Dunlop”.

These latex technologies are actually not good or bad, but the process technology developed later must have more functions.

Like what

Dunlop’s new mattress – miracle

This mattress is made of the latest nano silver microwave latex. How amazing is this technology? On the basis of the latex process of the previous two generations, Dunlop implanted nano-silver microwave latex technology –


Nano silver

, can make the mattress have stronger antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. More efficient and faster removal of some common bed germs, without any irritation and discomfort, it is also very friendly to people with sensitive skin.



This special production process can make the structure of latex cells more uniform, whether it is stretching or stretching ability, it has reached the extreme. Superior elasticity can also reduce latex aging and thinning due to the passage of time; The uniform honeycomb structure makes the support more powerful and the fit tighter.

The superiority of the miracle lies not only in its latex and its process, but also in its spring system –

Separate pocket springs

。 The independent pocket springs of the miracle mattress are closely staggered, the space between the springs is small, and the number of springs is 1.3 times that of the traditional independent pocket spring system, which is better than the industry standard. After a unique treatment process, the tension of the spring is also increased, ensuring the durability and proper resilience of the spring, preventing sag and brittleness. You know, many mattresses will have more or less sag problems after 5-10 years of use, and the Dunlop miracle can delay this sag time~

This recommendation especially takes care of friends who don’t like to read long texts ha~ Send an answer you want (Dunlop miracle mattress), this mattress is soft and hard and comfortable, you can close your eyes!

Of course, if you have friends who are still worried that it is not suitable, you can go to the official offline store of Dunlop to experience it, because

Century-old brand and formal channels

Won’t let you be fooled.


Dunlop Dunlopillo official, regular, offline stores, such as Easyhome, Red Star Macalline, these large and reliable home furnishing stores

, don’t go to the nameless and scoreless fake little black shop.

Moreover, different styles, different technologies, different body feelings, different effects of latex bedding will give you different feelings, in the physical store, according to your own body feeling to choose the most favorite latex bedding, is the best choice!