Teach the bride how to match your wedding dress with wedding gloves

1. Consider according to the style of the wedding dress:

[Smile R] short-sleeved wedding dress fits short gloves that are length to the wrist;

[Drinking milk tea R] wide shoulder strap vest wedding dress suitable for gloves that are length to the elbow;

[Flying Kiss R] bandeau wedding dress without strap wedding dress suitable for glove styles that are long to the elbow and above.

  2. Look at the appearance:

The fabric should have a clear texture, no yarn twisting, yarn hooking, and breakage, and the size of the gloves should be consistent. When gently pulling the gloves with your hands, it is more comfortable to wear when the resilience is better;

[Zan R] The decorations, trims, etc. of wedding gloves should be sewn firmly, the thread should be straight without excess threads, and there should be no obstruction when worn. The color should be uniform and consistent, no staining, color loss, etc.

Satin wedding dresses are suitable for matching satin gloves, and puff sleeves and bows can be designed with exaggerated techniques in the shape to perfect the wedding dress.

  3. Consider the bride’s figure: When choosing wedding gloves, you should also consider the bride’s figure,

[Despise R] petite brides avoid choosing styles of gloves that are too long,

[Party R] Brides with thicker arms choose wedding gloves that are length to the wrist best.