What are some classic jackets you need to know?

Today is the closing day of 2019, although this winter is a warm winter, everyone will still wear down to do the necessary warmth, but the new spring models of major brands have already been launched. When this season changes, many men don’t know what to wear.

At this time, you should have a jacket, which can definitely save the boring outfit when the season changes and make your outfit full of novelty! Jackets are a boon for men with short legs, and for long-legged oppa, it will also make people feel that there are legs below the chest.

And there are many scenarios for jackets, from daily work to casual sports, so which one is best for you? How to choose? Let’s take a look at the common classic jackets and learn the stories of these classic jackets so you can choose the jacket you want for the upcoming season.

1. Coach jacket

Coach jackets are said to be named Coach Jacket because the coach of the sports team wears them on the sidelines. But in fact, this kind of jacket is very grounded, not only the old beauty security will distribute this kind of clothes, the FBI will also wear it, and because the structure and materials are very simple, so the street, skateboard brands have not pushed this jacket, occupying a very wide public base in the West Coast street style.

Usually material: waterproof chemical fiber fabric, chemical fiber lining

Key features: lapels, buttoned placket, drawstring tightening at hem, with a pair of hand pockets

Versatility: Very high, but handsome or not handsome is not guaranteed

Second, work jackets

There are so many jackets that are born for workers or suitable for certain types of work situations, so we put them together.

1、Trucker Jacket

Trucker Jacket, literally translated as trucker jacket, is one of the most common types of jacket styles with buttoned plackets that everyone sees every day. But because of the classic, the ideas of various brands playing on this jacket are also very diverse.

Usually material: denim for sure, but there are also many corduroy, canvas and even genuine leather

Main features: one of the most popular jacket styles, primary colors, washes, various colors, materials, cuts, a very large range of choices

Versatility: Not versatile, want to wear well, this jacket is actually very demanding for the wearer

2、Chore Coat

Chore Coat, or miscellaneous jacket, is best known for styles such as Carhartt’s C001 through promotional marketing. This jacket with four patch pockets was very common in the military, industry and agriculture, but eventually these became civilian styles.

Usual material:

Thick canvas

Key Features:

and hip length, loose fit, straight hem, buttoned cuffs and felt lining


Excellent, more dare not say, Uniqlo also produced a similar item, in fact, it is a three-patch bag style, and the collar is expanded to have the strength of a casual suit.

3、Detroit Jacket

This Detroit jacket (Detroit Jacket) may be because of the success of the movie “Interstellar”, there are two good posts on the station, so simply treat it as a type of jacket. In fact, many workwear brands of this type of jacket will come out, and the name of the item is different, such as Lee’s jacket called 91-B.


Main features: The back is equipped with an organ pleated structure for flexible movement of the arms, short style, wide and fat sleeves, felt lining


LumberJacket, also known as logging jackets, seems to be this kind of plaid shirt, which looks like a flannel shirt, but is actually a “shirt jacket” with an imitation lamb wool lining or cotton lining.

Usually material: wool blend

Main features: checked clothing is a distinctive symbol of American workers and farmers, it is best to buy a handbag with a handbag, otherwise it will really become a shirt

Versatility: not easy to match, choose a monochrome is much stronger

Third, oil wax canvas jacket

Although this canvas jacket with oiled wax on the surface has been abandoned by the times in terms of actual performance, its own style still fascinates many men. Similarly, this type of jacket seems to have been monopolized by British brands such as Barbour, but it does not mean that other brands do not launch waxed canvas jackets, in fact, there are more versions.

Main features: retro style, motorcycle style, need to take care of regularly

Versatility: A good style in retro style

4. Motorcycle jackets

Motorcycle jackets should belong to the product of another culture, there are quite a lot, the factions are complex, the scrawled feeling does not reflect respect, and I simply do not comment on a word…

Usually material: various leather

Main features: punk rock, motorcycle, old yellow

Versatility: The threshold is relatively high

5. Bomber jacket

Compared with the above jackets, bomber jackets are better than the above jackets, whether leather or nylon, they are better than the above.


The MA-1 is a very popular street jacket, and there is a lot of discussion about whether the red mark on the sleeve should be removed or not. And the B-15 jacket, you may wish to pay attention to it.

Usual material: nylon

Main features: extremely short length of clothing, worn on both sides

Versatility: The fit determines that it is very picky


The G-1 is an earlier leather bomber jacket with flap pockets and a plush collar, giving it a more stable feel than nylon fabric.

Usually material: leather, also fabric style

Main features: mature, domineering


The A1 jacket is a traditional bomber jacket with a buttoned placket and stand collar, which looks older than the other zippered models.


It’s still a warm setting with ribbed cuffs and ribbed hem, and no plush collar, it’s a little more refreshing

6. Baseball jacket

The appearance of the baseball jacket (Varsity Jacket) is closer to the bomber jacket except for the snap closure. And the baseball jacket also conveys the Ivy League style that dominates American retro.

Usual material: wool torso, leather sleeves

Main features: striped neckline, cuffs and hem, the left chest usually has letters or logos representing the organization

7. Yokosuka jacket

The origin of this jacket is all from the United States and Japan, and it is limited by the original materials, craftsmanship, and wearing occasions, and the audience is indeed relatively narrow.

Usual material: silk chemical fiber

Main features: embroidery, bomber jacket feel

8. Harrington jacket


British classic men’s wear items, Uniqlo as one of the basic jackets sold, but fast-selling brands will naturally castrate some details.

Usual material: cotton/polyester blend

G9: Buckled stand collar, flap pocket, back umbrella ventilated cover, checked lining, ribbed cuffs and hem

G4: Cuffs and hem are fastened with buckles instead of ribbed

Versatility: Choose a suitable color, very suitable for business and casual occasions

9. M65 jacket

This style is also the kind of coat that you only found out that you had but did not notice before, because almost all clothing brands are producing M65.

Usually material: cotton, chemical fiber

Key features: four flap pockets, drawstring waist cinched, can be matched with an inner sleeve, neckline concealed hood, flip-out cuffs, classic film and television character endorsement

Versatility: Very versatile, different brands present different things

10. Hunting jackets

The hunting jacket is also a style often recommended by the major men’s clothing media, and the functional design still stays at the level of using buttons, so even if it is very sporty and outdoor attributes, it still gives people an elegant and calm feeling.

Usual material: cotton

Main features: four pockets, cinched waist (some with belt), buckle, lapels

Versatility: The more elegant four-bag coat style has higher requirements for other items worn on the body

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