300 pieces of a bedside table, and those who have bought a bed before come with two

Before we launched the 1999 leather bed sale, many group friends after buying, are asking if there is a matching bedside table, this is here! The price of 300 yuan a piece, I believe that you search for the same quality on the whole network, it is definitely an advantage!

Welcome everyone to send a private message, reply to the sale, and come to the sale group.

This week’s sale schedule is as follows:

June 8 Japan Apixintl high temperature steam mop 469 yuan

On June 9th, the export grade European oak parquet was 178 yuan per square meter

On June 10th, Ade’s white oak 1.4m round table was sold for 1480 yuan

June 11 Quality furniture factory leather bedside table 300 yuan a piece

June 12 Ogona bladeless fan 549 yuan

June 13 US original military style / Dewey metal retro cowhide dining chair 880 yuan

On June 14, Kutai seasoning basket 999 yuan

Double drawer 40 cm length and width bedside table, 300 yuan fragrant?

The decoration excellent sales group launched the bedside table of the quality furniture factory on June 11, with the original price of 899 yuan, and the special sale price is as low as 300 yuan. The size is 40*40*4, which is very suitable for leather bed matching. Preferred PU leather material, delicate and good elasticity. Strong and durable. Unique, minimalist tones.

Below are the scene pictures of the three nightstand models of this sale.

Internet celebrity knife cutting board disinfection machine, the special sale price is 278 yuan, including knife and cutting board

The small household appliance group launched new products and launched the Mofei knife disinfection machine to truly sterilize and disinfect. The original price is 398 yuan, and the group purchase price is 278 yuan. The main prerequisite for a good life is to eat well. But don’t neglect the hygiene of kitchenware placed in the kitchen. The correct way to open raw and cooked cuts should be separated. Uncle Pi recommends an intimate disinfection storage good, Mofei knife cutting board disinfection machine, including three cutting boards corresponding to three kitchen knives.

Advantages of Mofei cutting board knife ultraviolet disinfection machine:

Disinfection storage is two-in-one, one is larger than three, so that the kitchen is no longer messy

Wireless charging, lightweight size, does not take up space

Special board special, clear classification, healthy and environmentally friendly material, use is assured

Mofei ultraviolet bacteriostatic knife classification cutting board, if you have a baby at home, need to make complementary food, or want a more exquisite life, must not miss it!

Editor’s Message:

Our national collective procurement activity in June has begun, here will be the duty student schedule to everyone to publicize, in need, you can find Uncle Roll, Xiongda, Ma Jing, Uncle Pi, 008, 010 to pull you into the group, reply to the national collective procurement!

Product descriptions of 13 brands can be found in this article:

In June, the collective procurement officially opened, and 13 brands lined up to welcome customers

June 2 Panasonic bathroom

June 3 Dulux Paints

June 4 Floger whole house customization

June 5 Shallow foam tile + Thunder caulk

June 6 Simon Lee sofa

June 7 Blue Piao Purified Water

June 8 Geberit bathroom

June 9 Weizhe balcony window

June 10 Muda floor

June 11 hansgrohe shower

June 12 Nine for lighting

June 13 rainbow waterproof

June 14 Yagu Hardware