Simple and comfortable, non-slip wear-resistant and not squeamish, Salomon FURY3 hiking shoe review

◎ Preface

People who often go out for outdoor activities understand the importance of bringing a pair of hiking/hiking shoes, outdoor is not as smooth as the general road, what mountain forest roads, dirt roads, grasslands, gravel roads, river crossings will be encountered, sometimes with a little autumn rain wet, feet in the shoes are silent protest, wear general sneakers, come back is not scrapped and not far from retirement. (Want to buy the same model?) Poke [here] quickly go chop hands~)

Today’s experience is the famous French professional outdoor brand Salomon hiking shoes from the heart of the Alps, the shoe type is FURY3. First of all, let’s take a 360° panoramic picture display:

Next, the author chose a variety of road conditions, such as grassland, woodland, gravel roads, rivers and streams and other road conditions for evaluation, plus the autumn rainy weather also tested the performance of Salomon FURY3 shoes, how was the experience? See below!

◎ Simple is beauty and strong integration

Everyone is gradually growing up, but I don’t know when to start, some of the ones who have liked since childhood gradually begin to stay away and avoid, begin to be not interested in bells and whistles, complicated designs, begin to advocate simplicity, buy clothes pockets more, pants color matching more do not, everyone’s aesthetics are constantly changing. Salomon FURY3 men’s and women’s models are only numbered and size design is different, the style and color are the same, this time the actual measurement is 39467 men’s model, the origin is Vietnam (the previous hard disk is made in China, later in the warranty period did not read the disk, replaced back and found that it was made in Vietnam, it is still very good to use, including the lens of the micro-single, so it has a good impression of Vietnamese production) The upper and sole, laces are black, and the heel is accompanied by a striking eye-catching logo on the outside and side. This design is personally preferred. The origin is Vietnam, for products made in Vietnam.

◎The material is not squeamish and the upper is tear-resistant

A journey of a thousand miles, starting with a single step, and the advancement of outdoor feet largely depends on a pair of shoes with good performance, shoes are scratched at every turn, don’t expect shoe stores to open up wild mountains, waiting for you to buy, solve your urgent needs, can only be donkey friends mutual help, or equipment to avoid, Salomon FURY3 upper uses square diamond texture cloth, very textured to the touch, such a texture greatly improves the upper tear resistance.

◎ Dirt roads and waterways should also be comfortable to move forward

Outdoor inevitably encounter rain and snow, streams, rivers, very test the performance of shoes, good shoes will accompany the owner to easily comfort through the “disaster”, choose a special environment, river walking measurement, Salomon FURY3 shoes front design with rubber toe fender, dirt road, waterway, encounter rainy days, like wearing a pair of oil shoes, insoles have moisture absorption and sweat wicking function, keep the feet dry for a long time, avoid toes wet and sticky outdoors, the upper is breathable and soft, no heels appear in the measured walking, The pain in the top of the front toe has happened before wearing new shoes of a sports brand, and Salomon FURY3 is very comfortable.

◎Grip anti-slip fit and keep warm

As far as the case that happened around, at the end of October 2018, the disappearance of Chinese tourists in the pastoral area of Khusugul Lake in Mongolia occurred in early November, the WeChat circle of friends was last on October 17, and there was no dynamic release, major websites public welfare organizations reported, Mongolian embassy page so far rolling news to remind Chinese tourists to travel rationally choose travel places, travel in pairs, remember to act alone, do not pursue excitement, blind exploration, if you encounter bad weather cautiously, you should fully understand the safety risks before traveling.

Indeed, fall can get up and continue to move forward, if the shoes are not strong, the ground is slippery, coupled with the silky grass, accidentally falling into the abyss is a big accident, safe travel is best to go together, take care of each other, explorers are best to have witnesses, carry GPS positioning to prevent getting lost, no supply dilemma, no beasts in no man’s land are also fierce, self-defense weapons that are necessary, cold areas are also very important, because the outdoor environment is often very bad, often high and low, not flat, A pair of hiking shoes with excellent grip performance will help you on the perfect outdoor journey, Salomon FURY3 adopts a non-marking Contagrip outsole, which has strong grip ability, and is well wrapped and fit on the foot in actual measurement.

Often in the outdoor of wind and sand, a wind sand, small pebbles into the shoes, the kind of pain that suddenly looks like a corn on the foot will make you suddenly stop, take off the shoes and pour out, this experience is a poor experience, but affect the speed of outdoor mountaineering and hiking, Salomon FURY3 and the tongue under the laces and the upper is one, such a design advantage is that the outdoor sand and gravel will not easily drill into the shoes, such as outdoor cold areas, can take into account warmth.

◎ Say goodbye to the weight and travel lightly

As a pragmatic outdoor travel enthusiast, outdoor travel has always insisted on “moving forward lightly”, and can bring 1.5 pounds of things without 2 pounds. Including cameras, computers, lightweight micro singles and thin models are preferred, shoes should naturally be lightweight, may not feel the weight and drag in the short term, but encounter mountaineering, long-term hiking to feel the importance of lightness. Salomon FURY3 a shoe less than 400g a pair of only 800g, in the actual test, after wearing it on the foot movement is not burdened, is a hiking shoe that can meet the light forward.

◎Convenient buckle strap for safe walking

Most of the traditional shoes are lacing, tying the laces of this action steps are many, for lazy cancer patients will feel complicated, many times choose willful direct off, direct wear, such a consequence is for a long time, the heel is worn off, worn out, many outdoor shoes are good everywhere, the heel is frayed. Plus the lacing is really easy to hook the branches and other things on the ground outdoors, if you are not careful, it is a heel, planted on the ground, the laces have become a trap made for themselves, invisibly pit themselves, and Salomon FURY3 uses a fast and convenient buckle, which not only greatly eliminates a series of actions of lacing, improves the efficiency of wearing shoes, but also relatively concentrated in an area, no swagger is not easy to hook with outdoor branches and other objects, effectively avoiding tripping by shoelaces.

◎Excellent performance and inexpensive price

At present, the price in the Jingdong Salomon flagship store is 384 yuan, there is a historical price of 349 before, the cost performance is still quite high, like friends can collect first, click the price reduction reminder, pay attention to the next wave of double twelve price reduction tide.

◎ Summary

Salomon FURY3 is a professional-grade excellent outdoor shoe, whether it is climbing or hiking, you can easily cope with it, including simple design, tear-resistant upper, comfortable wrapping fit, lightweight shoe body, convenient lacing all escort you in the easy outdoor to cope with all kinds of dirt roads, gravel roads, grass, rainy days!

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