Good things recommendedRemove dirt and remove mites! Have you ever used a fabric washer?

Fabric washing machines have been on the market for a long time, but for the vast majority of people, this is always a thing they have heard of and never seen. Compared with Chinese’s emphasis on floor cleaning, the cleaning of sofas, carpets, mattresses, curtains and other items seems to be less important, because these things generally “do not look dirty”. But is that really the case?

Most people in home life, will not pay attention to cleaning sofas, carpets, curtains and other fabrics, and even several years do not clean once in the big people, in fact, in the process of long-term use, the gap of the fabric will accumulate a large number of dust, bacteria and mites, endangering the health of the family, so the aforementioned fabric cleaning machine will appear.

However, many people have doubts about the actual use effect of this product, thinking that this is an IQ tax product, but it doesn’t matter, let’s use the facts, I got a silver knight fabric cleaning machine from the North American century-old cleaning brand – Pizza, try its effect today.

As a bit of a hygienic home maniac, I still have a little research on various cleaning utensils, so I have paid attention to many products under Pizza a long time ago, Pizza was founded in 1876, can be called one of the top in the cleaning industry, the brand and technical strength is still quite guaranteed.

However, Bisheng is more well-known for their floor scrubbers, fabric cleaning machines are relatively niche, let’s talk about it in detail.

This silver knight fabric cleaning machine of Bisheng is very small, the measurement data is 25*36*35.6cm, which is about the same size as the schoolbag commonly used by children, and can be easily placed in the storage cabinet and taken out when needed.

The design layout of the product is also very simple, mainly composed of the main engine, 2.8L fresh water tank, 2.2L sewage tank, power cord, cleaning hose and other parts. Among them, the clean water tank is made of thermal insulation material, and the transparency is not as high as that of the waste water tank. Both parts can be easily disassembled.

There is a very conspicuous red button on the side of the fuselage, and the product will start after pressing.

On the side are carefully designed wire windings, and the 6-meter-long wire ensures that a considerable area can be meticulously cleaned. And after use, it can be wrapped around the side of the fuselage in a circle, and there will be no mess. When it is time to reuse, just rotate the right buckle to remove the fixed cable.

On the other side of the fuselage, there is a hose that can also be stored, and the brush head part has a special storage design, which can be firmly fixed to the side of the fuselage.

The white part in the picture above is the water jet switch of the trigger, and after pressing it, a stream of water will spray out.

In order to better clean the stubborn stains, after the high-speed water flow is washed, all kinds of stubborn stains are brushed off by the brush head, and finally all the sewage is sucked away by the suction power of 69AW.

【Accessories display】

In addition to the 8cm standard brush head shown earlier, the Pizza Silver Knight Fabric Cleaner also offers several additional accessories, from left to right, hose self-cleaning, 3-in-1 folded angle cleaning brush head, 15cm wide brush head and stain storage brush head to meet different household cleaning needs.

This brush head is mainly used for quick cleaning in unexpected situations, such as milk tea accidentally poured on the sofa, soup spilled on the sheets, etc., using this brush head to clean is relatively simple, all stains will flow directly into the small box at the bottom, after cleaning directly poured on the line, no need to use a large waste water tank.

Three-in-one folding corner brush head, this is my personal favorite brush head, it can be used to clean various corners, sofa gaps, carpet edges and other places, multiple side suction ports can complete multiple plane cleaning tasks at once.

This is a separate 15cm wide brush head, suitable for cleaning and finishing of large areas of home such as carpets, sofas, etc., under the same cleaning action, you can get double the cleaning effect (compared to 8cm brush head), and work is more worry-free and labor-saving.

It may not be easy to understand by saying it alone, so I directly found a dynamic diagram from the official website, the far right is the water jet, with a special cleaning solution can dissolve the stain well, and then the middle brush head for secondary cleaning, and finally by the left suction mouth to completely suck away all the stains.

【Actual test】

Well, having said all that, let’s take a look at the effect of the actual test, after all, cleaning household items still rely on the actual use effect to speak.

The first cleaning display object is this huge sofa at home, a few years ago this design was briefly popular, I also bought one to use at home, to be honest the appearance and the like is quite okay, but after a long time of use, the whole sofa is a little darker, which is also a common problem of white homes.

I can see it more clearly when I shot closer, but it was white when I bought it before, but now it’s a little gray, okay, let’s experiment here.

From the GIF, we can see that after the brush head is cleaned, the sofa has a very obvious change, and you can see that the colors around it are not the same, and it has become much more beautiful.

After cleaning, the contrast is more obvious, the dust on the surface has been completely removed, and the entire surface is completely new, which is a very sharp contrast with the uncleaned parts around.

The second cleaning object is a single fabric sofa at home, this bought for even longer, about six or seven years, because of the long-term use on the balcony, so a lot of dust has fallen, and the surface can be seen by the naked eye alone is not very clean. And because it’s not easy to disassemble and wash (lazy), I’ve never cleaned it, so you can imagine how dirty it is.

It is very simple to clean it with the Pizza Silver Knight Fabric Cleaning Machine, no need to tear off the sofa cover, it is enough to clean it directly with the cleaning brush head, the warm water flow is washed on the surface of the fabric at high speed, the brush head brushes off stubborn stains, and then the large suction power absorbs the residual water, everything is convenient.

After two partial cleanings, let’s see how much sewage accumulates in the sewage bucket~ Aren’t you surprised? The seemingly clean sofa actually has accumulated so many dirty things, and the water brushed out has turned yellow or even blackened, and it is really a little uncomfortable to think of sitting in such a dirty environment every day~

The treatment after cleaning is also very simple, just pour the sewage directly into the sewer, and then rinse the sewage bucket. Then some friends may ask, how to clean the pipeline? Don’t worry, Bisheng also thought of it, put the self-cleaning accessories we mentioned above on the hose, and then turn it on.

The principle is simple, this accessory blocks the front nozzle, causing the water and cleaning liquid ejected by the nozzle to only flow back into the hose, so that automatic cleaning is achieved. Looking at the hose after cleaning, some of the black dirt that had accumulated before disappeared, avoiding the growth of bacteria.

Finally, to make a small summary, I personally think that Pizza Silver Knight fabric cleaning machine is a very practical household cleaning product, small volume, reasonable design, strong cleaning effect, coupled with special special cleaning agents, have significantly improved its practicality, and after using the cleaning agent, it will form a protective layer on the surface of the fabric to avoid stain pollution.

In the past, the cleaning of mattresses, sofa covers, curtains and other items was very troublesome, and it was necessary to disassemble it and put it in the washing machine to clean, and then occupy the balcony space for drying, but now with the Pizza Silver Knight fabric cleaning machine, everything is much simpler, and the surface cleaning can be done directly, and the cleaning effect is quite good, which is the most important reason for my recommendation.