Weng Hong celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary with her second husband, her luxurious wedding dress was studded with crystals, and she was pampered as a princess after marriage

On January 18, Weng Hong posted on social media and took photos to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary with her husband.

On the day of their 15th wedding anniversary, Weng Hong specially made a cake for her husband to celebrate each other’s crystal wedding, the outermost layer of the cake is dark green cream, and the cake is decorated with pink cream roses, although the workmanship is very cumbersome and complicated, but the finished product looks exquisite and delicious. It seems that Weng Hong is not only an excellent actor, not only has outstanding appearance, but also a virtuous and skillful wife.

Weng Hong also posted wedding photos with her husband, in order to highlight the crystal wedding, Weng Hong’s wedding dress is studded with large and small diamonds, a bandeau wedding dress shows off sexy collarbones, and the swan neck is also perfectly displayed in front of everyone, not only that, but also wears a crystal crown, a crystal princess. Weng Hong, who has delicate and fair skin, does not look like a 53-year-old woman at all, and her husband takes a photo with Weng Hong’s shoulder, which is too sweet, and the appearance of a talented woman is also very eye-catching. Then the accompanying text also expressed his gratitude and support for his husband, thanking him for always being his strong backing and caring for himself all the time, such a relationship is really enviable.

In the article, Weng Hong also revealed that she had decided to marry each other after dating her husband for 4 months. Weng Hong’s husband is a fitness manager, and the two met through a show “Dance Forest Conference”, when Weng Hong had just divorced, and it was his appearance that gave Weng Hong faith and courage in marriage. The two are also very harmonious after marriage, and have now passed their 15th anniversary.

Weng Hong’s first husband, Wu Weijie, is the CEO of Atlantic Casino in the United States and has a net worth of tens of millions, but soon after the two got married, Wu Weijie had an affair, and this marriage ended dismally. It is reported that it is because the two do not know enough about it, and Wu Weijie also minds that Weng Hong has starred in Fengyue films.

Today’s Weng Hong, can be said to be a double harvest of family and career, not only the relationship with her husband is very stable, her daughter is also longer and more beautiful, but also continues to have works broadcast, this year’s “Jianan” and “Heaven and Earth Baolian Lantern” have her figure.

I wish Weng Hong a happy family, and also hope that she will create more excellent works.